Louisiana is under attack. ANTIFA has acquired three 2 1/2 ton trucks and one Mayor

Published: May 6, 2017, 6:00 am 

Mayhem in New Orleans Over Confederate Monuments: Assault Vehicles, Snipers, and Vandalism as Left-wing commie provocateurs in New Orleans have been spoiling for a fight all week, ever since masked men hired by Mayor Mitch Landrieu began tearing down Civil War era Confederate monuments.

Antifa is delusional in thinking that their romantic vision of the glorious people's anti-fascist revolution will end the way they think it will. Per Murphy's Laws of Combat: No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. What the Antifa rioters don't realize is the face mask they wear to be anonymous in the crowd also turning them into a not a thing that is much easier to pull the trigger on; much easier to shoot something that looks more like a target than a person.
I'm sure by now you guys know what's been happening in New Orleans at the President Jefferson Davis Monument, Well its getting very nasty now, You won't hear me talking bad about police very often but New Orleans police are the most corrupt dirty cowards I have ever seen, They turn their back while people are being assaulted with glass bottles, rocks, rotten eggs, and while your tires are being slashed off your truck, And when you try to make a report they want to take it, They make it clear that they don't want any people in New Orleans that want to stop the removal of Confederate Monuments, They will stand there and watch you get beat to Death, While there Boss The mayor Mitch Landrieu calls up the worst Hate group ( Antifa ) To come out and start assaulting Confederates hoping the Confederates fight back so he can lock them up, ANTIFA is coming back down to New Orleans Sunday to what they say put an end to the Monuments and the people guarding them, there are small groups of supporters making their way to Louisana now to help fight the Antifa Sunday, The people protecting the monuments need all the help they can get Sunday.
Here is a picture of Antifa in an army truck rolling up to start trouble the other day in New Orleans.
Wait a Minute! He looks familiar.
Deputy Mayor Ryan Berni ?... I can't say for sure but it sure does look like him The guy in the passenger seat of this Antifa vehicle that violently stormed the Jefferson Davis monument in New Orleans on Monday may be Deputy Mayor of New Orleans, Ryan Berni. The vehicle is owned by Tulane ROTC. So If that is a Deputy Mayor in the passenger seat then I would have to conclude that the Mayor is behind it and pulled strings to get the truck.
When Will Antifa be convicted of “gang activity” and “terroristic threats” for waiving the anarcho-communist flag? Remember white Confederate history buffs Kayla Rae Norton and Jose Ismael Torres were sentenced to up to 20 years in prison in Douglasville, Georgia earlier this year after they’d allegedly issued a similar threat to black people while in a truck convoy displaying Confederate flags.
By the way, LibertyRush.com sees the matter, misusing and abusing the Confederate flag as a symbol for the promotion of racism/hatred ought to punishable by jail time. If you want to use a flag for that purpose then use the Nazi or Star & Sickle flag. I am also of the opinion that many of these Antifa members have gone insane, living in a fantasy world that is out of touch with reality.
Members of the far-left group Antifa were engaging in acts of provocation prior to the outbreak of violence by burning Confederate flags, slashing tires, spraying mace and throwing bottles. Sandra Gerhold, who attended Monday’ Said, “two supporters standing at Beauregard were threatened with a gun. You may not like some of our histories but you can't erase it, Stalin destroyed historical and religious monuments, Hitler destroyed monuments and religious books, ISIS is destroying monuments where ever they take control. How is this not any different, what're next churches and religious schools
Now called The Battle of New Orleans the final Victory won't be determined by wins and losses this conflict has just begun. Antifa is a terroristic communist group supported by political corruption
The domestic terrorist and American Patriots are facing off again but this is not Berkeley there is Buzzing around the internet, calls to Bikers 1%'ers, 3%'ers, Oath Keepers, Veterans and Militia to provide safety for those who stand their ground at the monuments because the NOLA Police have been ordered to stand down by Mayor Douche bag as members of the Black Panther Party, Black Lives Matter and BAMN threaten to join Antifa Sunday 5/7/17 I have seen numerous self-videos being posted on social media of people in route on their way to New Orleans for all sides.

I would never advocate for Violence Nor do I want to see anything like this to happen in America
This is not the direction I want to see America going in, This is not a call to action. I am only reporting what the media has not.
The crisis in New Orleans is reaching a boiling point and has all the makings to go wrong in many ways.
NOLA isn't Berkeley, open carry is legal there and many people will be armed and angry on all sides. The NOLA PD intend to stand down as ordered by Mayor Douche bag. The police will not protect you there, it's also rumored the NOLA PD escorted Antifa buses into town. No Media will bring light to the escalating situation in NOLA and social media is doing a great job of censoring the May-Day calls from all sides because the gloves are off over the destruction of the monuments and there is a real chance this whole thing could get real fucked up. Patriots, lease be careful. Mind you again, this isn't Berkeley. This day could easily render injury or loss of life and spark off a civil war in America. This could one for the history books.
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