NOLA UPDATE: Patriots Descend On New Orleans, Antifa Black Bloc A No Show

Published: May 8, 2017, 1:00 am
Patriots Came from as Far California, Oregon, Seattle, Tennessee and Vancouver, Canada. to stand against the vile sub-human anarcho-communists To defend the monument protectors and their right to assemble freely. Among the freedom loving peacekeepers were groups such as the American Freedom Keepers and the American Warrior Revolution, They remained more or less neutral on the issue of the monuments. Rather, they had arrived in New Orleans overnight, To Defend and enforce the action of free speech, According to Francis Marion, a representative of those two groups.

before the arrival of these groups monument protectors were a prime target for Antifa, the so-called “anti-fascist” group that has been rioting, assaulting, and menacing free speech proponents, conservatives, and Trump supporters all over the country. So what did they do? Nothing. They didn’t even have the guts to show up But Liberal fake news sites are reporting  Antifa did not “show up in force” actually this means they didn’t show up at all. Because Patriots made it clear they were not standing to which only proves the Antifa are nothing but a group of eunuchs. They have big mouths and are destructive but can't handle confrontation.

Other supporters Like Heather Briggs Have been camped out at the monuments prior to today may 7 Says "Regardless of what you are hearing and seeing it is NOT over in NOLA. we are at Jefferson Davis waiting for a fight. It's coming. But I'm glad some think it's party time." While Arlene Barnum I consider to be the hero New Orleans and a critical element this movement Took the day off sitting that "It's mentioned that the Anti-Confederate monument folks (Antifa) have put a bounty on Andrew Duncomb's head. And that this was the reason why we all were physically attacked last week at the Jefferson Davis monument. This is getting out of hand. It seems like these Antifa folks who are mostly white college yuppie looking people don't want people of color out here defending anything Confederate. The Dept of Justice needs to get on this quickly."

Supporters and opponents of removing New Orleans' Confederate monuments met Sunday afternoon (May 7) at Lee Circle, in a tense and angry confrontation that included some scuffles during a day of demonstrations.
Police quickly broke up a couple of fights, and the dueling protests appeared mostly peaceful. But heated words, slurs, and profanities were exchanged, as demonstrators on opposite sides held Confederate flags and protest signs.

In a news release, police said also that no one was arrested for violating prohibitions on carrying weapons and wearing masks at public demonstrations. As for injuries, one woman was taken away in an ambulance after she experienced "heat-related problems unrelated to the demonstrations," the news release states.
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