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Meet America

Mainstream social media warriors come here to relax. So We ask that you respect the social R&R atmosphere here. Leave the Facebook garbage behind and enjoy the positive things that make America Great! we Love our Harleys, Mud trucks, classics, muscle cars and all things that define the American brand of Freedom.

You spread the word – We’ll do the rest.

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  • Mud Lovin Rednecks
    If you don't like it then there is something wrong with you
  • Custom Harley
    Harleys, big twins, old school, chopped, dropped, stretched, you name it, an occasional rice burner, some hot chicks, killer tats, bad cages, and events!
  • Badass Classic Muscle Cars
    It's time to list the most badass examples of classic muscle cars, from all manner of Mustang to Challenger, Trans Am, and maybe even a Firebird or Nova. If you're a cynic, it's easy to write of...

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What people are saying about us?

Real Feed Back From Real Members!


By Paul Riley - August 23, 2017

We need a free speech social media site. I've shared with hundreds. Hope it catches on.

Great Site!

By Pete Greenfel- November 8, 2017

Great and desperately needed website and when you think of the logistics of pulling this off, it becomes even more impressive.


By Emma Hall - January 4, 2016

Awesome! we as Americans really need this and many more sites like this I do not understand people who complain so much about theFacebook website and keep subscribing it. If you don't like the censorship system (which I agree is bullshit) STOP SUBSCRIBING! I canceled my subscription I do not NEED Fakebook. I have not read it in ages, and I'm still functioning just fine. SPEAK WITH YOUR CHOICE, because they are not going to listen to anything you complain about here.