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  • Doug Knowles
    #Townhall ☛➧➧ Our Government has Allowed Catastrophic Wildfires to Threaten its Citizens

    ***In 2016, California watched the Blue Cut Fire quickly become a massive inferno. Reportedly, it burned with an intensity greater than many firefighters had ever seen. At the time, one fire commander told the Associated Press, “In my 40 years of fighting fires, I’ve never seen fire behavior so extreme.”

    ***In 2017, the Tubbs Fire was even more destructive. By the time it was contained, that fire alone b...  more
  • Doug Knowles
    #BundyRanch ☛➧➧ Multiple departments battle 300-ton haystack fire at Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville

    ☛➧➧ ---- Cliven and Carol Bundy are asking that we all pray for rain. This was to meet all of the overwinter needs of the ranch. They are not currently asking for donations. if you would like to donate any way you can do so at If you are interested in donating Hay or Alfalfa, please contact me with your contact information and I will get the info to Cliven & Carol....  more
    Go to and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.
  • Doug Knowles
  • Doug Knowles
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  • Doug Knowles
  • Doug Knowles
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  • Doug Knowles
    #IdahoStatesman ☛➧➧ #AmmonBundy says he never meant to create a #movement. But one exists in Idaho.

    The first sign that you’ve arrived at the Bundy family’s Emmett home is a poster board affixed to the fence in front of a small apple orchard. Scrawled in Sharpie is the phrase, “Sunlight is the best disinfectant. “

    It’s a motto of sorts. Ammon Bundy calls himself a “sunlight kind of guy.” Before his family’s infamous standoffs near Bunkerville, Nevada, and Burns, Oregon, he was living in the ...  more
  • Doug Knowles
  • Doug Knowles
    #Oregonian ☛➧➧ Justice Department investigates FBI agents for 'lack of candor,' prosecutors say


    FBI agent W. Joseph Astarita and several colleagues on the bureau's elite Hostage Rescue Team are under investigation for their alleged "lack of candor'' stemming from statements following the shooting of refuge occupation leader Robert "LaVoy" Finicum in January 2016, according to a new court filing.

    The federal agents are the subject of an ongoing administrative investigation...  more