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  • Joseph Christopher
    What do you want to see happen in this country ?
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  • Joseph Christopher
    People I've been referring to Liberty Rush have told me they can't get in here. Some may not know how to navigate LR , some are being told their position here has been nullified. I've been spreading the word and directing people to this better form of social media. I will continue to do that. Maybe the entry method could be simplified. Maybe those folk have been programmed to the styling of facebook too long and try to get around like they do on that spy machine. However they are encountering ob...  more
  • Joseph Christopher
    While concentrating on other things , I've neglected my place here. So much is happening and so much pain , grief and anger have occupied space in my mind that needs to be banished. I won't go into detail ; just let you know that we all need prayer./////////////
  • Joseph Christopher
    Far from home right now , taking care of important matters. I'll not be here much until I get back to cartel country. Spreading the word about Liberty Rush as I travel.
  • Joseph Christopher
    What ever you believe in when it comes to prayer or positive thoughts ... One of my sisters is in the hospital and the situation is dire.
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  • Joseph Christopher
  • Joseph Christopher
    In Juarez again. Cartel country , north part of city. Claimed by La Linea ( splinter of the Juarez Cartel ). La Linea put out a warning on the inet about 7 hours ago to anyone on the street and/or driving around after 2300 hrs ( 11:00 PM ) that they will kill them ...especially if they are playing narco corridos . There are some pretty ballsy threats made by these mayates and folk rush to obey. Me ? No. I was out well after midnight . Nobody came at me. Maybe they think I'm crazy.
  • Joseph Christopher
    Right on ! I just discovered my 3 award badges. No , I'm not gettin' all puffed up and out struttin' ... but it does feel good.
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    • Joseph Christopher
    • Joseph Christopher
  • Joseph Christopher
  • Joseph Christopher
    Some people seriously need to check their attitudes. These jackasses , like Peter Fondle and his sister Hanoi Jane , have no idea what they are talking themselves into. The D.S. can't save them nor can they save themselves.

    I suggest somebody go rent a cement truck.

  • Joseph Christopher
    Those 'immigrant' children coming in a steady stream across the southern border are a type of human shield. Watch and you'll recognize that fact. Their 'escorts' to a dream have them in use for a number of points in a mission we all need to terminate. The children are mostly slaves ; beaten , raped and many injected with 'vaccines' that make them a threat beyond what is visible. They have been separated from their parents and used as a form of extortion against those parents . The parents of tho...  more
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  • Joseph Christopher
    How many women and children that are missing from your state , even your town , are hidden beneath burkahs and are slaves of 'slamis ? How many of them carry devices of destruction ? How many of those are really men ? At first opportunity I'm going to jerkaburkah .