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  • Joseph Christopher
    Far from home right now , taking care of important matters. I'll not be here much until I get back to cartel country. Spreading the word about Liberty Rush as I travel.
  • Joseph Christopher
    What ever you believe in when it comes to prayer or positive thoughts ... One of my sisters is in the hospital and the situation is dire.
  • Joseph Christopher
    • Brian
  • Joseph Christopher
  • Joseph Christopher
    What do you want to see happen in this country ?
  • Joseph Christopher
    In Juarez again. Cartel country , north part of city. Claimed by La Linea ( splinter of the Juarez Cartel ). La Linea put out a warning on the inet about 7 hours ago to anyone on the street and/or driving around after 2300 hrs ( 11:00 PM ) that they will kill them ...especially if they are playing narco corridos . There are some pretty ballsy threats made by these mayates and folk rush to obey. Me ? No. I was out well after midnight . Nobody came at me. Maybe they think I'm crazy.
  • Joseph Christopher
    Right on ! I just discovered my 3 award badges. No , I'm not gettin' all puffed up and out struttin' ... but it does feel good.
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    • Joseph Christopher
    • Joseph Christopher
  • Joseph Christopher
  • Joseph Christopher
    Some people seriously need to check their attitudes. These jackasses , like Peter Fondle and his sister Hanoi Jane , have no idea what they are talking themselves into. The D.S. can't save them nor can they save themselves.

    I suggest somebody go rent a cement truck.

  • Joseph Christopher
    Those 'immigrant' children coming in a steady stream across the southern border are a type of human shield. Watch and you'll recognize that fact. Their 'escorts' to a dream have them in use for a number of points in a mission we all need to terminate. The children are mostly slaves ; beaten , raped and many injected with 'vaccines' that make them a threat beyond what is visible. They have been separated from their parents and used as a form of extortion against those parents . The parents of tho...  more
  • Joseph Christopher
    How many women and children that are missing from your state , even your town , are hidden beneath burkahs and are slaves of 'slamis ? How many of them carry devices of destruction ? How many of those are really men ? At first opportunity I'm going to jerkaburkah .
  • Joseph Christopher
    Thank you for accepting me. What can we do together to create a stir ?
    • Brian