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  • Lenny
    The 2020 election will be the most rigged election in US history. As I have said, the caravans are NOT about asylum, sanctuary or immigration. They are for the 2020 election and why else would states give drivers licenses to illegals who walked here and don't own a car? Maybe an ID to vote?

    Besides illegal votes, toss in dead votes, multiple voters and Sore Ass rigged voting machines.

    Meanwhile Fake Book, Google, Chrome, Twitter will be running fake internet and Fake book has access to million...  more
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  • Lenny
    Face Book is shadow banning me and many others and will be HUGE on the 2020 election which will be the most rigged election in US history.

    Shadow banning is when you post on Fake Book, it is on your page but nobody else can see it unless they go directly to your page. So you think people see your post but nobody except you.

    Google, Twitter, Chrome, Fake Book and others will be using such tactics against Trump to control the media with fake news.

    As I said, the caravans are NOT about asylum, s...  more
  • Lenny
    Small claims court is a very simple, very fast and powerful tool. No lawyers allowed. Just you the plaintiff and the defendant and a judge. Simple one page form and name and address of each. If suing a company, you file against the registered company agent of record. Pay a small filing fee and done.

    Small claims court is simply a money court for damages. Lets say you are suing Fake Book? How are you damaged? Say you sell online and Fake Book blocked you and you lost sales? Say your car was for ...  more
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    • Lenny
  • Lenny
    I have been very vocal on Fake Book about the 2020 election and now they have managed to block me again so back to LR to voice my opinion and need your help.

    The caravans are not about asylum, sanctuary or immigration. They are for the 2020 election and why some states are giving drivers licenses to illegals that walked here and do not have a vehicle but have an ID to vote.

    2020 will be the most rigged election in US history. Besidess illegal votes, dead votes, multiple votes and Soros rigged ...  more
  • Theresa Bowers
    Ocasio-Cortez Slams Trump: ‘Weak Minds Challenge Loyalty to Our Country’

    How did it ever come to this clueless, idiot bimbo without portfolio is free to promote lawlessness, lies and grossly misrepresenting reality, is engaged in blatantly seditious behavior, and is clearly a threat to our the rule of law and our Constitutional Republic! Anyone who votes for any lawless, no border, sanctuary city, illegal alien and abetting, barbaric abortion, Islamic apologist/enabler, extremist gender agenda,...  more
    — with Liberty Web 20 and 16 others.
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  • Theresa Bowers
    Andrew Gillum Using Private Nonprofit to ‘Flip Florida Blue’ by Registering 1 Million Voters

    This crooked bastard will lie, cheat and steal to do it, too! I pray everyday that De Santis is doing something to clean up Palm Beach and Broward Counties’ elections and stop the horrible voter fraud that happened in the last election! — with Liberty Web 20 and 20 others.
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  • Kenneth Trump Train
    Hillary Clinton is appalled That illegal immigrants at the border do you not have toothbrushes. Guess what they never had toothbrushes. Neither do the people living on our streets that are Americans — with Liberty Web 20 and 161 others.
  • Lenny
    Back out of Fake Book jail so I can post Liberty Rush there. I would still like to organize people across the USA to file in small claims court in your home town and massive chaos for Fake Book. AND we can do this monthly
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    • Lenny
    • Lenny
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  • Buddy Hodges III
    Honored to be your friend.
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