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  • Matthew Shea
    The official group for those who support the Liberty State movement and to receive updates and information. Visit
  • Matthew Shea
    Recently the media took to slandering a group of patriots here in NE Washington with the now common smear tactic of "White Nationalism." They implied I must be so because I speak at their annual God & Country Celebration. They failed to mention the leadership of the group they slandered included a black pastor, the widower of a Somoan, and a member of a Federally recognized Indian Tribe (a black Reverend and other members of the tribe also live t...  more
  • Matthew Shea
    IT IS IMPORTANT FOR ALL ACTIVISTS TO LEARN THIS: Become the media. From a friend of mine in response to the attached photo (notice how they even took this out of context and actually self-identify that they are the bad actors):

    If you ever needed proof how the media is constantly attacking Matthew Shea here it is... Josh and I proudly stand with Rep Shea, we will vote for him a 1000 Times over.

    At 6:13 Matt continues:

    “Now, I want to end with this: a lot of people in the media; some people ev...  more
  • Matthew Shea
    NORMAL ELECTION YEAR POLITICS: Every election year right around the primary the smearing by the MSM and liberals begin. My opponent, in the footsteps of #CrookedHillary, called the 57.39% that voted for me "ignorant" over the weekend. #IgnorantDeplorables. I will address the slander and libel in a separate post. Here is a great article on why the media is becoming irrelevant. We are the media because we are exercising our free speech. The more they hate, the more they censor, the more they lie, ...  more
  • Kim Thomas
    Thank you for adding me as a friend Matthew. I was just checking out your F.B page, you definitely have my attention!!!
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