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  • WMH Cheryl
    Post-apocalyptic and Prepper Reading/Listening/Watching Aholics
    A group to recommend and discuss good fiction or nonfiction books, and heck let's throw movies and TV shows in there. I started the Facebook group Post-apocalyptic and Prepper Reading Group but...
  • WMH Cheryl
    Off Grid Living, Solar, etc
    Experimenting with starting a Group to see if there is any interest in Off Grid Living, Solar/Wind/BioGas and other alternative energies. Not sure if we should include Homesteading and gardening...
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  • WMH Cheryl
    Are there any off grid singles out ther with no refrigeration and no freezer? During the cooler months I can get by with ice blocks in a super insulated cooler to provide a bit of refrigeration for things like salad dressings, yogurt, leftovers, etc. But in summer heat that just isn't possible nor affordable. I am having a cooking dilemma. Don't want to open a can of chicken to use in a salad or make tacos because I can't store the extra for the next day. Sme with opening a can of corn or b...  more
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