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  • Zindi Pare
    Wow surgery is rough. Don't go there unless ya have no choice. Lol. Miss y'all back up in about three weeks.
  • Zindi Pare
    We are getting the wall. Yahoo
  • Zindi Pare
    Its time to fight very soon or lose your county next election overtake.

    Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin says bloodshed may be needed to protect conservates
    Michael Walsh

    Michael Walsh
    September 13, 2016, 12:50 PM EDT
    Bevin speaks at a picnic on Aug. 6, in Fancy Farm, Ky. (Photo: Timothy D. Easley/AP)
    Bevin speaks at a picnic on Aug. 6, in Fancy Farm, Ky. (Photo: Timothy D. Easley/AP)
    Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin said conservatives may need to turn to physical violence in order to protect the United Stat...  more
  • Zindi Pare
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  • Zindi Pare
    Someones got brass. BUILD THE WALL FLOAT!
  • Zindi Pare
    Get busy and get it done
  • Zindi Pare
    This hand sand sculpture should be the new stop abortions logo
  • Zindi Pare
    Build the wall dress. Awesome
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  • Zindi Pare
    IIlegals just keep bringing in diseases to us.
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  • Zindi Pare
    So this is why Muslims can run 4 office.
  • Zindi Pare

    Democrats wants ICE to shut up. Why?

    The Washington Times: “ICE, Shut Out of Border Talks, Warns Democrats’ Plans Would Free Thousands of Criminals”
    Issued on: February 8, 2019
    menuALL NEWS
    “If [the ICE Briefer] had been allowed to speak, he would have told them that the limits they’re pondering to immigrant detention, proposed by Democrats, would lead to 30,000 people being released back onto the streets, including thousands of migrants with criminal records.”

    IC...  more