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More good news? Citizen reporters go & do what the media won't!

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Pure unadulterated Bible prophecy meets Truther Movement -Take One. Thanks and welcome to all my new subscribers!

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ΑNΟNΥMOUS lNSIDΕR shares what we all may face...AND HOW to PRΕPARΕ. ΕX-DΕPΑRTMENT of HΟMΕLΑND SΕC. ΕMPLOYΕΕ TΕLLS ΑLL she experienced with HΕR DΕCLINING health working next to FIVΕ GEE TΕCH! Shocking INTΕRVIΕW on RΕAL WORLD impacts of ΤΗIS CΟMNG TΕCΗNΟLΟGΥ.


Welcome to the channel! :) Come here to connect to critical thinking, prophecy interpretation and dot connecting large agenda truths alongside solutions. As well as videos that point to the WAY, the Truth and the Life. The truth shall set you free!

Anyone who feels moved to support my work, HALLELUJAH!
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