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So here we go again! Please post to all MC Riders across all 50 States and around the world." Our flight was canceled by United airlines I can't make my appointments with 2 specialist tomorrow. They could have let me fly with Delta but no I'm not that important. United Airlines didnt care. Please boycott United airlines. 2 specialist appointments I could make on Delta Airlines. But no United Doesn't care. Make this go viral. United in the last 2 years has drag and thrown people of their planes. Lost animals who have died. Enough is enough". Jonathan Dyer cancer patient "I did notify them and the service representatives of United don't care about cancer victims". Please post on our Motorcycle clubs. "I explained there is only 80 cases known in the world CCOC. That's what I've been diagnosed with. It was not my intention to post my diagnosis. United airlines sucks for me. And that's the nice version of this. Please forget about me but don't forgive United airlines. Unreal! Don't fly United! this is how they treat People who are sick. I'm not asking for anybody's pity but this is bullshit. I could have been home tomorrow and made my cancer Doctors appointment he goes on vacation on Thursday. Thank you United airlines for the ass fucking. I hope my wife will sue you for everything when I'm gone." Please repost this about United Airlines lack of empathy. Unbelievable!!!!!

Posted in News & Politics on April 10 at 12:11 PM

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