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Liberty Rush MAGA-zine

Liberty Rush Maga-zine


on April 18 at 09:14 AM
It is with great pleasure, I bring to your attention my good friend here CYNTHIA L ALINA has achieved the number one top ranking here.
She is in sole possession of the #6 Dynamite ranking. I say that deserves some kudos from all the rest of us here.
So I'll start by saying YOU GO GIRL, you make this place a large part of what it is all about. Sharing our patriotism, and our anger and disgust of the liberals, and their desire to perpetuate the socialistic agenda they so dearly adhear to.
Keep up the fight my dear friend, and I will be here by your side until we bring our republic back into the place it once stood so proud and tall.
Your ][][][% Patriot Sister, Lyzabeth

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