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Defending the Constitution

Defending the Constitution

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Pres Trump's goal was not to "fully" win Debate #1 of 3...
What he did do was to Make Sure that
* Joe Biden alienated most of his liberal left supporters in order to defend himself...
Biden lost Bernie supporters with his "pro cop" admission.
Biden lost the liberal left Rioters with pro-justice,
he lost the "tree-huggers" with his own deal vs the Green New Deal ( that he Had agreed upon prior for DNC )
Biden lost BLM with his equality & coming together statements...
** Biden even had to say "I am the Democratic party" regarding the DNC platform LISTED on the website claiming all the things that Biden is now disavowing at the debate...

Meanwhile Pres Trump had to debate both Chris Wallace and Biden and still won
...even after Wallace interrupted Pres Trump 35 times,
Biden zero times (well, except to help Biden stop meandering and to answer the right question ...when Biden wandered...)
PS: CSPAN Poll - Pres Trump 55% Biden 28%, **Telemundo Pres Trump 66% Biden 25%