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Reopen Illinois

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The time for CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is now. Join us, Orphans of the American Dream, as we descend on Springfield to show our government we are done.

We will reopen. We will work. We will survive.

It's time to start reopening areas of our state. JB Pritzker has made his position clear through silence. He has no intention of easing restrictions on areas not affected by COVID-19. Small businesses and employees suffer in areas not affected by the virus. That is unacceptable.

Chicago is a small section of Illinois and the rest of the state always suffers under it's rules. States have been given a game plan by the federal government to open areas of their state. Yet JB seems to be continuing the trend of one size fits all, which couldn't be further from the truth. According to the Illinois Department of Health:

14 out of 102 counties in Illinois have more than 100 cases of COVID-19.
65 out of 102 counties in Illinois have less than 15 cases of COVID-19.

We will be meeting at the Illinois State Capital Building at 11:00 am on Saturday April 25th. We will block the road with vehicles to show solidarity with the protests in Michigan allowing one lane for emergency vehicles. While protesting we ask everyone to practice social distancing, and bring a mask and gloves if so desired.

We, the people of Illinois, will not COMPLY.

The time for Social Distancing...CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE is now!

We COMPLIED when rules that lacked common sense were enacted on our communities by government officials who have never stepped foot in our backyards.

We were HESITANT, but allowed the government to take historic actions in the name of public safety.

We COMPLIED when orders were extended as things continued to worsen for fear of overwhelmed hospitals and our loved ones health.

We were HESITANT, but we allowed the government to continue to rule unabated in the name of public safety.

We COMPLIED when restrictions tightened, while those in power broke the very guidelines they enacted on the public with government officials standing shoulder to shoulder signing orders fining people for not social distancing, by going to a bar or getting haircuts while hair stylists and bars are preparing to close for good.

We were ANGRY, but we allowed the government to tighten the leash as things continued down the same path.

We PREPARED as the governments continued to further its draconian measures with more restrictions, fines, and arrests. All this after most hospitals weren't overwhelmed, only losing a fraction of what they said would die in this country, and after two weeks of easing.

We will no longer COMPLY.
04-25-20 - 11:00 Start date
04-25-20 - 15:00 End date
Capitol Rally Springfield, IL
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