Let's Ask Young People to Help

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Thomas Gerken

3 months ago

Posted: 3 months ago
Here is what we do know. The massive economic slowdown forced on us and others around the world is putting many, many people at risk in other ways. Depression, drug abuse, and suicide caused by loss of jobs and businesses are going up. The World Health Organization says an additional 130 million people are at risk of starvation due to the slowed world economy.
People under age 30 are extremely unlikely to die from this disease. I have heard the mortality rate is 1 in 5000. That is for all people under age 30. What is the rate for healthy 20-somethings? 1 in 20,000? 1 in 30,000?
Here is what I propose: Why don't we ask healthy people to purposely get infected so that we can get herd immunity more quickly? I am not saying to force anyone - only volunteers. We would be asking them to take a very small risk, nothing nearly as risky as joining the military. They would be doing something to actively protect their grandparents and other old and/or less healthy people, including their peers. They would be helping the poor people around the world who depend on a healthy world economy to keep them out of abject poverty, or worse, death through starvation.
I know there will be people aghast at such a suggestion, but I bet there would be many young people who would gladly step forward and be willing to do something, anything productive to help out, rather than simply do what we have told them to do - cower in their bedrooms and basements. Have we gotten so weak and cowardly that we can't even ask our young people to do this for us? In the end, they would be helping themselves as well. A robust economy would mean more job opportunities now and less government debt to deal with in the future. All it takes is a tiny bit of courage. Surely, that isn't too much to ask.
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Posted: 3 months ago
herd immunity was the correct answer from the start and always will be

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Posted: 3 months ago
Yes that is a great suggestion, and one Potus is working on. Trump has said he will not require everyone to take the vaccine, but if you think of it in a demoncrats mind, they want the opposite. So yes, they will volunteer, the sheep, that is, and I do wish more youths were educated and loyal enough to join the military. My family from the ground up has always served this country with honor. Bring that back.

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Posted: 3 months ago
B the way, you just started a forum, that is great! We need more forum type communications. Kinda like a sounding board.