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    Mainstream Media Giants are trying to censor us out of existence We Need A Live Stream Feature To remain in this fight Please Help us raise $600

    Our mission is just we strive to unite Americans from all walks of life who have had enough. and we need your help with providing a few new costly website features that are critical to level the playing field and with your support, we can and we will accomplish this.

    New social networks outside of the mainstream are failing because they lack funding, staffing, media reach, and other resources to succeed. and Capital Investors are discouraged once they discover the obstacle of overwhelming dominance from the mainstream Giants. 

    After the well known 2018 Facebook and Twitter purge of over 800 activist sites and pages, including a few of which were partner sites with we believe our days as an alternative social network are numbered.

    Still Against these odds We've Built an Incredible Social Media Community base who are creating a shift in consciousness among the common sense population. The tech giants are taking notice. They realize the impact is making on their thought control machine and are trying to silence us.

    This has affected our facebook and twitter reach and our ability to obtain simple API keys for apps like ios, Indeed and Google Adsense has been an uphill battle that has drained our operating revenue by over 95%. which is halting marketing of our social networking Community of Amazing People Who Share Values and Love The American Brand of Freedom

    As a result, We have restructured our business plan to be able to function on a very small budget that is stretching us very thin. The future of Free speech depends on your support. We need your financial help to not only sustain LibertyRush’s operation costs but to help us make a comeback against The monopolies that suppress us.

    While Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others reinforce their efforts to make Libertyrush algorithmically disappear, we’re ramping up our efforts to circumvent corporate censorship and provide you with the kind of Social Network that empowers we the people working towards a unified America.

    Together we can do this! No donation too big or too small! $5, $10, $20... Anything you can do to help us reach our goal and continue our mission to socially unite and heal our country's divide.

    If you have any questions about LibertyRush or just want to drop a line of encouragement, please email me. 

    We are open to speaking with other social network founders that find it difficult to get started up due to big tech giants silencing of American voices Let's talk...

    Sign up free We don’t sell your data, We encrypt your traffic, We restrict internal access to your data, and We delete your personal information if you ever close your account. It’s time to go American social. We'll make it simple.

  • $600.00
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