• Clever Preppers
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      We're still working on getting our .com name back after I forgot to pay the bill until then Liberty Rush is our home so you not at the wrong website we are. Survivalismis a primarily...
    • Preparedness Communications
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      Preparedness Communications - Topics about communication options in a disaster or grid down situation. GMRS, FRS, CB, Amateur (Ham) Radio with a focus on structured non ARES/MARS emergency...
    • Colorado Prepardness
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      Preparedness minded people in the Colorado Rockies. General preparedness, SHTF, TEOTWAWKI. Food, Water, Gear, Methodology, Mindset, Tools, Skills -- Keep it on topic and free of conspiracy...
    • Ohio Three Percenter topix
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      This group is for Ohio IIIper's. Discuss, vet, recruit Plan events etc. Just be polite. Political meems don'tgo here. This is for more serious discussions.Thanks-
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      The official group for those who support the Liberty State movement and to receive updates and information. Visit
    • #walkaway
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    • Reelect President Trump
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      This group is to share good news about how President Trump is making America great again.
    • Animals & Pets: Dog Lovers Group
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      Welcome to our family of DogLovers. From pocket pups togiants, they all have aspecial place in our hearts.We hope to share our goodexperiences, tips, and otherways to help our dogs.
    • Night Owls
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    • RellikArmy
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      Rellik The Clown is an employee of Creepy Hollow Haunted House, in Houston, Texas. He and his friends do a LOT of charity work. These guys work their ASSES off! This group is for their fans! We...
    • United Patriots, Preppers & Pioneers III%
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      Mission Statement It is our mission here at Patriots, Preppers, & Pioneers III% to unite Citizens and Patriots from all walks of life who believe in the Constitution of the United States of...
    • American Redoubt
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      We discuss all things important to the people in the American Redoubt
    • Preppers Outpost
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      All things related to survival in times of trouble
    • Post-apocalyptic and Prepper Reading/Listening/Watching Aholics
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      A group to recommend and discuss good fiction or nonfiction books, and heck let's throw movies and TV shows in there. I started the Facebook group Post-apocalyptic and Prepper Reading Group but...
    • Off Grid Living, Solar, etc
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      Experimenting with starting a Group to see if there is any interest in Off Grid Living, Solar/Wind/BioGas and other alternative energies. Not sure if we should include Homesteading and gardening...
    • Car advice/help group
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      This group is for helping you, the general public or novice mechanic with issues with your car. We cannot see your car nor hear your car so the more you tell us, the better we can help you. There...
    • Confederate patriots of America
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      Confederate patriots of America is a southern conservative constitutional page
    • The Patriot Nation Radio Show
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      Bringing truth to Media Lies. Freedom,Liberty,And the American Way are what we are all about. Tune in Monday and Thursday nites 8pm eastern
    • Throttle Patriots
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      We are not a motorcycle club. We are citizens who are committed to defending American Liberties. We're Bikers & Patriots we like taking rides with friends & by ourselves, but when you're...
    • Custom Harley
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      Harleys, big twins, old school, chopped, dropped, stretched, you name it, an occasional rice burner, some hot chicks, killer tats, bad cages, and events!