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    Cut Government. Advance Liberty. The LP is working to dismantle Federal and State departments, taxes, and regulations to improve your life.
    General Information
    There are several ways to get involved in the Libertarian Party:

    Social Media:

    1. Social Media Volunteers group - The starting point that leads to other behind-the-scenes groups, your activity in this group will show your ability to get along with others and that you are a creative thinker. Be active, get noticed, show off your skills and offer opinions and constructive criticism, to open the door to higher volunteer opportunities:

    2. Design for Liberty: Graphic designers create candidate memes that are posted on the Libertarian Party’s national facebook page:

    3. Video for Liberty: Create videos about the benefits of cuts in government:

    4. Libertarian Radio Hosts: If you have an internet, satellite or traditional Radio Show, and are interested in interviewing Libertarian candidates, or discussing benefits of major cuts in government:

    5. And most importantly: Run for Office! There are tens of thousands of contestable seats open in 2014. If you are interested:


    1. To find out more about your local LP presence, or to join a campaign, contact your state party at 

    Your local LP offers many opportunities for gathering with like-minded individuals, outreach, and political activism. There could be positions related to design, social media, etc. that may be a perfect fit, or you can volunteer at a few events. You may even decide to run for office (

    2.You can learn more about the Libertarian Party at, and see the full platform at

    3. The choice to support the Libertarian Party financially by becoming a member ( or simply donating ( is always welcomed. Your donation is used for marketing, staying on the ballot (in most states, D's and R's constantly try to knock other parties off the ballot), etc.

    4. If you are a liberty-minded individual from outside the U.S., check to see if there are organizations near you:

    GUIDELINES for Timeline postings and comments:

    Please avoid excessive profanity or vulgarity. Treat the page with the courtesy appropriate to a public place.

    Differences of opinion are part of a healthy community, but please do not make personal attacks or hold lengthy arguments unrelated to Libertarian Party activism. Similarly, while criticism is vital to political activism, totally off-topic complaining gets in the way and are subject to deletion.

    We do not censor comments or ban users based solely on ideology (unlike so many other pages on Facebook!), however disruptive posts, comments or replies are subject to deletion and/or removing your ability for future posting.

    Please don’t post links to personal web pages, blogs or non-Libertarian groups that are off-topic. LP candidates are welcome to post links to campaign websites and provide updates, but please do not post non-LP candidate material.

    Avoid repeated spamming of the same links or posts, and avoid dominating the page with your posts. Please avoid posting conspiracy theories or links. Putting a page admin on your personal block list (preventing their reply to your comments) is grounds to have your posting ability removed. (banned from the page)

    Commerce spammers are banned from this page without warning or drama.

    Posts are subject to deletion if they blatantly violate these general guidelines. Having a few community expectations in a private organization is not an infringement of First Amendment rights. Thanks for your courteous consideration.
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    December 11, 1971

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