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By Paul Riley - August 23, 2017

Censorship and closed systems are ultimately about two things: destruction and control. Censorship does not create worth, it negates it. and corrals human thought into the direction of its deciding. Censorship aims to bend the collective human consciousness to its own resolution. We need a free speech social media site. I've shared with hundreds. Hope it catches on.


ByJame gaddy - January 4, 2016

Awesome! we as Americans really need this and many more sites like this I do not understand people who complain so much about the Facebook website and keep subscribing it. If you don't like the censorship system (which I agree is bullshit) STOP SUBSCRIBING! I canceled my subscription I do not NEED Fakebook. I have not read it in ages, and I'm still functioning just fine.

Great Site!

By Pete Greenfel- November 8, 2017

Great and desperately needed website and when you think of the logistics of pulling this off, it becomes even more impressive. There is none more powerful in this world than Free people. No amount of money, human resources, or time can stop them or their ideas. The goal of censorship is to silence the storytellers, the truth seekers, the contrarians, the artists, those who question the status quo. We cannot stand by and watch this continue to happen.