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People are upset with Facebook. Facebook bans protests of government corruption. To save America, share links for people to join wherever you can on websites, news stories, comments, and emails.


There are three versions of free speech: American, Globalist, and Anything.

AMERICAN: GIVES YOU FREEDOM – As you know, Americans stand for unalienable, God-given rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as the Declaration of Independence affirms. Like the founding fathers,  provides free speech from an American perspective. History confirms that Americanism produces safety, strength, and God’s blessings!

GLOBALIST: RESULTS IN TYRANNY – On the other hand, many believe Facebook, Google, Twitter, and others use a globalist algorithm, which is anti-American (anti-Christian). That is why globalist companies censor Americans following the founding fathers. This is a national security threat and harms people’s lives and families with communism, socialism, and tyranny.

ANYTHING: CAUSES DISORDER – Allowing everything, includes unwise, immoral, and harmful ideas are not as beneficial as it sounds. Do you allow people to come over and do anything they want in your house or business? Most likely not. Standing for anything, such as communism or treating people inhumanely, does not produce America and it won’t drain the swamp or prevent an economic collapse.



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People Are Excited!

Patriot Nation Radio
I love this community! Great site. Very informative.

Bikers for Trump 
I just found out about this. What I have seen at this point is great. I support most things as long as they are for our President and God

Patriot shit Outfitters
Love this platform, Patriotic like-minded folks there.

Deena Loveland aka Lady Liberty
I love this patriot like me mega let’s make America great again let’s push Trump right over the top so 2020 will be four more years


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