Community standards

Smarter is a part of everything we do at, including social media. We invite all Americans, who enjoy the American brand of freedom to interact with us on social media. We only ask that you follow our social media community guidelines. Pretty easy, right?

If you are an employee of, you must comply with’s social media policy and guidelines.

Users, Please Respect the community.

Don’t post or make comments containing profanity, hateful speech, personal attacks, threats of violence, obscenity, explicit material or defamatory remarks. Value all members of the community. Treat everyone fairly.

Protect your personal information.

when you participate in the social community Be careful not to publicly share your personal information or the personal information of others.

Respect the law.

Content or discussions about illegal activity, violating copyrights, stalking, harassing and other criminal activities are not permitted on social media platform.

Don’t spam.

Off-topic or obviously promotional content takes away from the purpose of the community. Posting the same content more than once in a discussion can be considered spam, whether from one person or multiple people. Links are allowed as long as they are relevant to the social conversation.

We may reuse your posts or comments.

your content or ideas may be used in marketing materials. Don’t submit any ideas or materials that you want to remain confidential. If we reuse your content, your name and social media handle will be visible.

All things are good in moderation, including social media comments. We reserve the right to delete comments or ban users at’s discretion.

By posting on social media platform, you’re promising to comply with these community standards. We will remove any content or comments that do not comply with the standards listed above. also reserves the right to ban any member that does not follow our community standards set forth here Ban members will forfeit any money paid to

Tos and communty standard violations  will result in banning of your account and subscription fee will  not be refunded.