I look at both sides, hear both "stories" as you should, is Pres. Trump brash, uncouth, not as animal friendly as I want...yes... Do you see people in MAGA hats out destroying cities and businesses...?

No, the Liberal Left Democratic Mayor all across our Nation Ordered the Police to STAND Down and let the Mob Criminal Rioters vandalize and loot, destroying cities, businesses and lives, with NO care for you or yours...

Their Candidate: Joe Biden

He is a Racist - "You ain't black if you don't vote for him" Biden authored the 1994 Crime bill that put minorities in prison for minor offenses until Pres Trump changed the laws.

Rapist- Tara Reade reported to police and accused Biden,

Mentally Incapable with Dementia - listen to Biden attempt to form a sentence....

Listen on this link to his obvious Mental decline