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This Zombie Quiz Will Stump Any Survivalist

Posted by Rob Dehaven on October 08 at 03:32 AM

You don't need to wait for a zombie apocalypse to see how long would you survive. Take this quiz and get an answer 

Of course, knowing what to do in a zombie apocalypse extends way beyond our basic knowledge of zombies. Instead, it’s about having a wide mastery of survival skills which involve anything from knowing what goods to stockpile to what kind of shelter someone should making while spending a night in the woods.

So let’s run through some survival scenarios to see who can ace this zombie apocalypse quiz!

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  • Susan Heck
  • Georgia Ward
  • Terri Vance
  • Eric
  • Patrick Sullivan
  • Fyuri (Penni) LeBlanc
  • andrew
  • Louis Merick
  • Angie
  • Ray Morris
  • Amanda
  • Danny
  • Allen
  • Winston
  • Judith Peach
  • Chad Harper
  • Thomas Curley
  • Jake Tripper
  • Frank Pattishall