The Governor of Virginia, Instead of De-escalating Things, Decided to Take Things to the Next Level. Yesterday, Ahead of

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He went on TV and used the words we predicted he would use over a week ago. He called those that we're planning on showing up at the Capitol, Right Wing Extremist, White Supremacist, and Domestic Terrorist.

We told you from the beginning that these would be the words these folks would use to make every one of us look like the bad guys. However, what was interesting, he never once called out anyone on the left. He never mentioned the fact that Antifa was planning on showing up, he never mentioned that those Antifa members of the John Brown Gun Club made threats to use violence against these protesters. Instead, he made it a point to call out those who would actually be there fighting for the God-given rights, that the Federal and their State Constitutions are supposed to protect.

What most of you don’t know, the Governor called a special session before the planned protest, to rush his gun Bills into law. He did this without letting the people of Virginia know what he was doing. This took the opportunity of Redressing the Government away from the people. The Virginia Civil Defense League stated that by doing so, the Governor just changed the whole agenda of their protest.

Now the Governor has declared the State of Emergency. He then went on to label everyone in the Patriot movement, everyone in the militia movement, everyone who believes in the Constitution of the United States, a right-wing extremist, a white supremacist, ironically, the Second Amendment was written for such times.

If you think, this is Virginia, and it won’t affect you or your state, then you’re sadly mistaken. Washington, Oregon, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and many other states have already got more gun laws and restrictions on the people and you better start paying close attention to what’s happening in your state. If you think your state is different, then you don’t understand the game.

Even here in Texas, we have some back door red flag laws that can and will affect you in the near future, if what goes down in Virginia is allowed to happen.

What is interesting, and think about this, when the Government tells you that they are planning on sending armed men to disarm otherwise legal, law-abiding citizens of their firearms and label them terrorist and felons if they don’t abide with their draconian laws, this was the entire reason the 2nd Amendment was written in the first place. The Constitution was not a limit on the People, It was a limit on the Government. Maybe it’s time to revisit, the Declaration of Independence…