They will be jamming cell phone signals as well as rf frequencies to combat” possible bomb threats” sounds more like trying to prevent people from getting the word out about what happens there

Virginia situation Recap, The so-called state emergency and we got here.
What's happening is very simple and that is that governor Black Face Northam along with the
Virginia legislators are literally just trying to deprive the people of their Second Amendment rights.

So basically what's happening is you got Northern Virginia and Northern Virginia if you don't know Northern Virginia is basically Washington DC so they turned all blue because they don't have the electoral college because Northern Virginia determined the state representatives.

This is how Virginia's representation went completely blue however Virginia
populace remained constitutionalists who just want to have their rights and so
now you've got the situation where the legislators are trying to turn the state blue and the citizens of Virginia are literally rising up against it because they are trying to implement a number of anti-gun legislation such as red flag laws and limits on so-called assault rifles etc... etc...

Governor Blackface Northam is basically trying to disarm the citizens of Virginia and so
90 out of 95 localities are rising up and declaring themselves sanctuaries against these anti-gun anti-self-defense legislations.

On Lobby Day which is on Martin Luther, King Day on Monday Citizenry decided to debate.
they had plans to show up at the Capitol in Richmond and make their voices heard that was the whole point make their voices heard.

Governor blackface pulled yet another snowflake move
and declared a national emergency and due to that national emergency
everyone who decided who was going to show up to the Capitol now is not able to show up with arms they're going to have metal detectors and you will not be allowed on the ground if you are carrying a firearm for self-defense which is funny because this happened right after and Anifa decided to make their presence be known.

Tens of thousands which are the numbers that they're expecting citizens that are carrying and so
coincidentally the governor then comes in and says well actually we're not going to allow the citizens to carry at this demonstration. This is a really big deal because they're saying you cannot exercise your rights
and we know that and instead of trying to de-escalate the situation democratic leadership is putting pressure on trying to escalate things Democrats are trying to make it worse and by trying to enrage the citizenry even more.

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