The Jim Crow Minds in the Town of Waxhaw Want You to Be Distracted While They Perpetrate Their Fraud and Fear!

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Any sane person can see who the real racist are in today’s landscape! Many of them have moved to the Town of Waxhaw and Union County, NC for one last stand!

Any sane person can see who the real racist are in today’s landscape! Many of them have moved to the Town of Waxhaw and Union County, NC for one last stand!

There is no where to run any more and many seem to think they could land here due to the population majority and no one would know! What are you going to do when that majority changes... Learn to tell the Truth! Respect all cultures and stop Lying!
Business and Industry must see these liars for who they are... Some can’t take the “all People concept” of the US Constitution so they have become More aggressive Bold-Fat-Face Liars...

Move to the Town of Waxhaw ... “...your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free....”

Read and learn why we were already here... and the lie that was created to make you think you weren’t!

In fact, “Only your hairdresser knows for sure!”
Learn what’s up with that! Ask them to bleach a strand of black color hair or do this at home and see the many stages that come out of one strand!

Until you’ve done this you don’t know what you are talking about!

President Donald J Trump is being persecuted because he is helping all people who are Americans!

This witch hunt is not about any of the words, acts, or deeds ... It is about helping “you!” Look in the Mirror!

Every success The President has someone who has a plantation mentality loses their grip on those they have enslaved by making people think they need them! You know who you are, Ye liars of Waxhaw and the Nation!

Look at the national tie to Waxhaw and Union County and the mirror of injustice that must be fought by the citizens when you have a crime syndicate operating with protections that involve the law... Undermining NC Statues, The US Constitution challenges the safety for all... Vote Out Trash in Waxhaw, NC, and this Washington, DC Impeachment Circus!

Christians have sat down too long OR are you getting so much government or cartel perks and money that you have lost sight of your responsibility to God The People?

They are supposed to be fair to everyone... Not sell you that if you Vote their way and help them to cover up their dirt that you get extra protection in one community over another!...

Fire the Crookedness that plagues all Small Towns... Send Jim Crow home, I am going to continue to call you all out sir!

The Waxhaw Liars should not be working around the President of the United States during the RNC Convention!

We have too many politicians that are looking the other way when they need to do their jobs!... So, I'm doing my job as a citizen to raise the bar!
Citizens need to learn that We, the People are in Charge, Call this Out!
I will continue to share these posts and will buy ads where allowed in business journals to get this FRAUD exposed or until the State of NC and the Feds do their jobs and rid our Town of this FRAUD and the Cartel...

This Town has been run in the ground by too many low-level myopic thinkers... Everyone needs a Consultant to do what we are already paying them to do! Stop this Foolishness and SAVE Our Town and Our Money!

The Jim Crow minds in the Town of Waxhaw want you to be distracted while they perpetrate their FRAUD and FEAR! ... But, I will Call them Out and Speak Up on the Issues even if some of you won't! You will not get away in Waxhaw! This is what happens when government and cartels lie on citizens!

Rid this Town of the Trash that has shown their bias!
Do I need to buy an Ad in the Wall Street Journal?
The Town of Waxhaw has covered up lies and shown bias!
They've used the Union County District Court System to also show bias with bogus orders

We know you are scared... But, Do the Right Thing for ALL People!

Edwin Elam, Reporting