Martha Stewart Was Locked Up,sent to Federal Prison for "Lieing" to Congress, Think About This a Minute, Ok Be

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Over the last several weeks, correction three years, we have as Americans watched one of the most heinous despicable acts of political partisanship in history. A major party, the democratic party, that has been overthrown by socialist and globalist goons posing to be democrats attempted to

We watched as lie after lie after lie after lie was told from the floor of congress to America. Now I am gonna ask a few questions as we go. My first being, America and our legal system is solely based on fair and equal justice, right? So that being the case what is the difference between Martha Stewart being sent to prison for lying to congress and Adam asswipe Schiff and the house managers standing on the floor of congress and lying to America? Not one damn thing will come of this. They are afforded "Immunity" when lying to us from the halls of congress. Why? They can't be charged with "Parody" Oh I'm sorry I meant "Perjury".

"Parody" is the democrat's new word for lie or perjury, so folks remember if you get caught up in a little white lie say, it's not a lie it's "Parody" and that's ok? For example, the IRS asks "Why didn't you file ya taxes"? You say "Oh I forgot to".  When they say "That's a lie".  You say "No that was parody".  You won't get away with it, but Adam Schiff damn sure did.

My point is they are no better than we are. our justice system does not exclude anyone. How many times have we heard "No one is above the law"? But yet they seem immune from anything corrupt or crime, lie, scam, fraud, embezzlement, third world thievery. Whatever, they get away with it. For example, Quid pro quo Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. In our great pledge of allegiance. The last line is this " with liberty and justice for all", it does not say justice for some anywhere.

Yes, I'm pissed and you should be too as an American citizen. You should be as freaking furious as I am and demanding these liars and political criminals are dealt with, they are criminals. They committed crimes against America,  against you, against our constitution. They tried to destroy everything our founders established as justice heinously with twists and added lies and misrepresentation of meaning. They attempted to use their lawlessness against our president and our democracy all to alter the election of 2016. The only ones who interfered were these globalists they want the power back into their grubby globalist goon hands. For example, look at the Iowa caucus and tell me they are not working to rig the 2020 vote.

This whole "Parody" started with the Steele dossier. "The insurance policy". Then the Mueller investigation, and the lies to the FISA court, and the corrupt FBI and its leadership all Clinton' cartel and the DOJ Loretta lynch, and the tarmac meeting with Bill. The destroyed emails and device's, and the servers that held evidence all destroyed, and the lies of John McCain who was working with the left to destroy our President because Trump called him out on his treason in Vietnam, saying "He was no hero" and calling him the "Songbird". The name has given him by others in the godforsaken place called Hanoi Vietnam. He hated Trump, and the Bidens and the Obama administration and frauding the American people stealing billions in aid money laundering it through the Clinton Foundation and the bank of china, they stole billions and will get away with it all, sad.

Was this all done while trying to frame Trump for colluding with Russia? Putin, Russia nor Trump never was to blame for interference in the 2016 election. Keep in mind who paid for the Steele dossier. Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Who lied to the FISA court? Obamas FBI and the DOJ. Who illegally spied on an American citizen and Presidential opponent? The Obama FBI, NSA, and DOJ, who was responsible for millions of taxpayers dollars being wasted obstructing the Trump administration as they tried to do things that would undo the economic death grip that Obama had put us in. Lives, families, and industry were destroyed by the Obama administration with the intent of Americans becoming slaves to the government. People that's not freedom. It's control, total control!

What did Trump actually do? Nothing but win an election that was rigged against him. If Putin or Russia had anything to do with anything, and it's said the DNC system was hacked, it was to undo what the DNC, Wasserman Schultz, Obama, Ukrainian oligarchies, Brennan , Comey, McCabe, Stock, Lynch, Clapper, Cofer Black, and the Clinton campaign had done to rig the election in Hillary's favor. The fix was in the college vote count. That would have given the win to Hillary even with Trump beating her across the country. That was the insurance policy. The college vote count was rigged they thought. If Putin really un-did the fix then God Bless him, I honestly don't care how Hillary Clinton lost. JMO.

The point of this is simple, when and where do we stop this lying cheating, stealing, manipulating and politically weaponizing of congress. Our federal investigation and law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies, our judicial systems? We have leftover employees and appointees that are easily recruited and willing to lie and leak anything doing whatever money' or promise of position can assure them. As we have watched how willing some are to harm or slander an opposing administration in blatant partisan political agendas.

We the people have lost control of our congress. Honestly, much of our government is now free-wheeling. It's  a way to personal gain and NWO. Not for the good of Americans. The house of representatives is now held and controlled by NWO demosocialist. The only stopping this takes both houses in 2020. Trump bought us time. Thanks to Pelosi's' stupidity and abuse of power. He is guaranteed another term. But I can assure all, this NWO cabal will not stop. It will not rest until America the beautiful is under its control. Look toward November 8 with a resolve that can not be denied vote every single one of these NWO demosocialist and rhinosocialist house and senate members gone. You know who they are.

God Bless America and our President Donald J. Trump