Don't Be Shocked if You See Bernie & Hillary on the Dem Ticket.

They have always been on the same team with the same mentors including Alinsky and the same globalist goals. Their little game of being at odds with one another is just that, an act.

It doesn't even matter that he is 78 going on 79 and she is 72 going on 73. The way the Left sees it, they're just a few short years from reaching their goals so even one term for them could do a lot of damage to the sovereignty of the United States.

Bernie would bring in the Socialists voters and Hillary would bring in the die-hard Democrats and Centrists, as well as the minorities votes.

Does this mean they can beat President Trump? That depends on how many people show up at the polls. Mainstream media our educational systems pushed their Socialist agenda loaded with propaganda, day and night over the past four years and have certainly moved the needle more towards Socialism than at any other time in our history.

The fact that all of the Democrat presidential candidates ran on a Socialist agenda should disturb everyone. Every one of those candidates are on the same page with the globalist agenda as are their VP picks.

I still say, don't be surprised to see HC on someone's ticket. She'll either be on Bernie's or Elizabeth's. JS. I really don't see Biden staying in this race long enough to have a one in one DEBATE with our POTUS, LOL!

The following is from an article I pulled out of the 2016 archives:

Sanders, in fact, probably came closest to “walking in Alinsky’s footsteps” when he volunteered at the Coalition of Racial Equality (CORE), which Alinsky helped found when he studied at the University of Chicago in the early 60s. And the widespread, organized, grassroots, people-power, bottom-up support that has taken Sanders from relative obscurity to the cusp of becoming the Democratic candidate for president would certainly have made Alinsky proud. Marcy Smith…/bernie-sanders-rises-and-the-ghost-o…/


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