A Family That Has Dedicated There Life Against Bullies With Special Needs

Because of our son's both being institutionalized and trying to commit suicide on multiple occasions because of everything I wasn't able to stay with bursting bubbles anymore. I had to dedicate my time fully to my family. To try and help save our sons lives.

"You wouldn't believe the thousands of Americans from all over a country who started reaching out to me telling me what was going on with their kids asking for help on what to do about the problems like this in our school systems in America. It really opened my eyes there really is a much bigger problem that needs to be addressed and I believe an online website or app. For people to use in school systems from kindergarten all the way through college would work. It's an online communication tool the likes of which we don't have Bullying is it just on a local level? It's on a national level and in my humble opinion there needs to be a national free website that everybody in all school systems in America and colleges and universities can use to address report log categorize and rate and rank on a scale from 1 to 10 on how bad they're being bullied. There will be repeat offenders. You could see who's doing the bullying Through The Years you would be able to Log and categorize reports there will be resources on the website or app if you will. It is so much to tell but I have it worked out and there is nothing like this on a national level after a certain point. You have to forfeit your rights to privacy and agreed to the terms and services of this website. If you feel your life is in danger or someone else's life is in danger. You can also report anonymously to try and help people if you're not. Brave enough to stand up to the bullies who are bullying and you are a witness to it. It goes by your ZIP code wherever you log in at and report if you report anything over a level 7 on a ranking scale from 1 to 10 is automatically transferred to national news agencies and police local state and federal because every life is precious and you forfeit your rights to privacy if you do so, but at least lives will be saved.

This is a way to opt-out of the situations that arise from bullying everything from drug gangs. Sexual harassment cyberbullying on and offline bullying of all different types This is a way for kids at Young ages with their parents. To opt-out and get a hold of people and make a serious report.

If I could make this proposal to the president and first lady, I believe with a little bit of help we could create a national website for Boolean not one on a local or state level for a national level that gets more done quickly with the advantage of Modern Age Technology and communication because communication is the key. It's the lack of communication. That causes the death of so many young American students in our schools in America. We need more communication and that's what my proposal does and that's what it will do.

We have twin boys who are 16 now. They were both bullied severely. James was stabbed and then accused of urinating in the trash. Can he tried to take his life multiple times and had to be institutionalized because of the bullying being so severe at school. Yet the kid who stabbed them whose mom was a teacher at one of the schools in the county. We live in was at school the next day like nothing happened. His buddies were high-fiving him probably cheering him on as a hero for stabbing a special needs kid.

But our sons have representation and we are hoping to get our day in court to tell our side because they are permanently damaged. Although they're doing better now because we had to hire an education lawyer to fight the school to get them moved into a better school. That isn't torturing them. And I paid thousands of dollars and depleted our savings doing it. Now they're doing better but they still have anxiety and have to be on narcotics to keep them calm. I have panic and anxiety attacks daily over the town. We live in the school and the people who did everything to them. There's so much to tell it's so horrible, but we're hoping to get compensation for what was done to our sons and for them for the rest of their lives.

There really is no app or website on a national level that are young ones and loved ones and schools All Over America from kindergarten all the way through college can use to report and log all reports of bullying All Through The Years anything name-calling teasing threats of death drugs gangs. You name it.  There's nothing like this out there and there really needs to be it puts communication. On a much more massive level for parents on both sides of the school can communicate. But you're held accountable. For your actions and it is a digital log. These are just reports. You can forfeit your rights to privacy. If you wish to push further to help save a life there comes a point. Where someone has to hit the panic button, whether they're telling the truth or lying you are still held accountable for your actions. If you are bullying or being bullied."

The education of this bullying should start in the home. People teach your children to have compassion. God doesn't make junk and he doesn't like ugly.

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