Freedom, Liberty, Justice for All. That Simple, That's the Plan Our Founders Laid for All Americans

They penned those things in the constitution. Despite what some in our government now believe. Rights are not gifts from the government. Rights are not negotiable contracts. Tom Jefferson knew when our government became so infiltrated with tyrants they would ignore those rights and the gov

Our forefathers, the ones who wrote the constitution fought the revolutionary war to get away from a ruler. They fought for a free and sovereign nation and handed a gift called "Freedom" to future generations of Americans. We face the same challenge today only in much larger and more sophisticated terms. Technology makes our fight much harder as the globalist planned.

A question to ponder. Is progress really progress when you find yourselves right back at square one? Is that not where we are, again fighting for our sovereign nation, our rights, and freedoms? The very things our forefathers bled for and handed us? Shouldn't we be building on what the founders gave us instead of watching it being destroyed from within? Why do we allow our children to be brainwashed with progressive bullshit? If you can't see the indoctrination into globalism happening I suggest you wake the freak up now. That is exactly what the globalist and their puppets are doing. Remember this "Force meets resistance, but with carrot, lead sheep follow willingly". Today's carrot is the "Free stuff" promised. But in reality, it's not free at all. It comes at a high cost. The price is America's freedom. The price is America's future. A price too high. I ask you what is freedom worth to you?

Our government was designed by our founders to be "Of the people, by the people and for the people", when it is "Of the tyrants for the government and forced on the people". You are being ruled not represented!

Our founders were everyday people, hunters, trappers, explorers ,traders, merchants, men of faith, and yes even tavern owners. But not crooked and corrupt liars, political criminals or career politicians who only want a pocket full of your money. What once was the democratic party, now is the partisan globalist cabal preach a different version of the constitution. One may call it "Parody" if we may use that word of the liar and one of the house tyrants Adam Schiff. The house tyrants preached a manipulated version to fit the globalist goon agenda while painting the picture of patriotism to hide their coup of overthrowing our constitutional government.

Understand and believe this. We are at war. They're not just attacking Trump they're attacking you and me and everything we believe in. Trump just stands in their way. That's why they hate him so much.
We cannot fail in November to take the house of representatives and hold the Senate. We cannot fail to remove these tyrants from our government and elect true Americans. True patriots to represent our country, the kind of Americans our founders were, it's said we are one election away from socialism. I  call it globalism, socialism, atheism, progressivism, Islam, communism, fascism, and racism are all weapons on society used by the globalist.

Vote wisely in 2020. Vote for freedom. Vote for your constitutional rights. We must not fail!

My vote will be Trump and 100%✓red.

Team Trump

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