Have We Been Systematically Plunged Into a NWO With a Globalist Dempanic Plot?

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Your thoughts? Market stability will be crucial for the world's economy to recover, with moderate and smaller investors, everyday people from the working class along with small business owners who lost everything in some cases during the Obama catastrophe all being hit again how much

Who besides the global elites will be able to continue with market gambles? If #1 they control the money, #2 the markets, #3 the world's economy, #4 Americas government #5 the media, where do we go from there? China hates everything America stands for, they have everything to gain with an American market collapse, as Americans sell stock trying to survive guess who's buying up stocks in American companies, you guessed it.

Does anyone for one second believe the babbling bumbling Obamacrat fool Joe Biden could lead America from under this? That's exactly what the demoncrats want Americans to believe joe's incapable of having breakfast without throwing capt crunch and count Dracula into a full-blown dairy meltdown.

Vote wisely November 3, 2020, in house and senate races, Peloesi continues to disregard the needs of Americans in this extreme crisis all for the sake of adding funding to planned parenthood, speaker Peloesi does not give one rats ass about Americans nor they're well being.

There's only one choice for President, Donald Trump my President ???