CV19 Swab, Yes It Is Where It Goes. If You Haven't Had This, Stay Home and Wash Your Hands.

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Watching the Presidential Live yesterday 3/22/2020, brought back a memory. @VP Pence was describing the CV19 Swab test. Up the nose, to the right, and under the eye.

As many who know me, I am at high risk of lung problems. On Feb. 24, 2020, at around 2 am, I was having trouble breathing and had the worst sore throat. Every Nebulizer treatment made my throat dryer and sorer. I am from the old school. I was already drinking hot water with lemon and honey. Doing my treatments, Wearing a mask, Mucinex, and Zinc. As spring arrives, do not mix asthma and allergies, with the cough of CV19. If you have been doing what you have to, you will be fine. I had the nose probe which seemed to come out my ear, neb treatment, and chest X-rays. Upper respiratory infection. I am fine. You know your body, be calm, panic makes your mind feel more. Stay safe. Watch out for your elderly neighbors.