Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste Seems to Be the Motto Democrats Live by.

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After a week back home in San Francisco, Pelosi flew back to Washington Saturday to huddle with Schumer and Mnuchin in person.

After a week back home in San Francisco, Pelosi flew back to Washington Saturday to huddle with Schumer and Mnuchin in person.

When the House crafted its second coronavirus relief bill earlier this month, McConnell mostly stayed out of the negotiations — and Republicans had hoped Pelosi would extend the same courtesy when the Senate began work on a third, but much bigger, emergency package.

Never letting a crisis go to waste seems to be the motto Democrats live by.

The latest example comes in regards to the current negotiations over the next phase of relief in dealing with the Wuhan virus. With the initial round of spending passed, the next phase is to include checks to Americans and loans to businesses in order to get them through this hard time. For the most part, there’s been bi-partisan buy-in that this must be done.

But some Democrats are looking to push their unrelated policy goals into the process.

Democrats on both sides of Capitol Hill are pushing to add climate change provisions to the third aid package for people and industries affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The Democratic proposals touch on two main areas.

Several Senate Democrats want airlines to reduce their carbon emissions in exchange for federal aid that could hit $50 billion or more.

House Democrats, meanwhile, are looking at clean-tech tax credits. Those include incentives for electric vehicles, battery storage, offshore wind and solar energy that were left out of a December tax extenders package.

Funding for Planned Parenthood has also been an attempt as Democrats have Ignored the pressing importance of providing help to Americans and continuing their partisan political agenda.

While Americans hang in limbo, never experiencing anything like this outbreak before, Pelosi and Schumer continue playing political games. By now we should expect nothing less than their usual self serving agendas, expecting real concern for America would be nieve. Truthfully Americans have become disgustedly accustomed to the lack of common sense that America needs right now from speaker Pelosi, Schumer and the rest of the Democratic party.

Quit playing the political bullchit and start caring about Americans!! This is not a damn Democrat, Republican or Independent problem. It’s a problem for we the people!