Yes, There is Bright Side to Corona virus

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People haven't been able to go out to dinner and are cooking again. Cookbooks are being dusted off, and rarely pots and pans are being pulled out from the back of the cabinet and used again. Families are getting to know each other again. With shortages in grocery stores Americans are

Yes, there is a bright side to coronavirus.

If you're a kid, life is good. Depending on your school district, you don't have to go to school.
Remember, when you were a kid? That was music to our ears.

Families are getting to know each other again. (now, that could be good or bad). Many parents or caregivers are staying at home. Families are playing games together, watching TV together, and eating meals together.

People haven't been able to go out to dinner and are cooking again. Cookbooks are being dusted off, and rarely pots and pans are being pulled out from the back of the cabinet and used again.

Yards are being cleaned up from winter, trees are getting pruned, leaves are being raked and gutters are being cleaned.

People are riding bikes, families are walking together, and depending on your state, going to parks and hiking on beautiful trails.

People are learning how to dye their own hair, do their own nails, do their own laundry. People are finding new hobbies and finding the inner creativity they never knew they had.

Here's another bright side to coronavirus. With shortages in grocery stores Americans are experiencing, first hand, what socialism is like. Bye, bye, Bernie.

Kids are learning how important their elders are and how they have to look out for them.

People are actually missing going to work and are realizing how important their employers are and are showing a new appreciation for the companies they work for.

American's are experiencing what it means to not be able to hug someone or shake their hands.

We are experiencing isolation from our friends and family and realize, more than ever, how important they are to us.

And here's the real, real, bright side. The left is showing we the people, how disgusting, selfish, power-hungry and low they will go to win in 2020.

Our president is working 24/7, along with his team, to beat this virus.

And at the very same time, Msnbc, CNN and the mainstream media are working 24/7 to beat up our President.

We have seen Nancy Dementialosi stall help for honest hard working Americans to try and slide in millions for these things that have nothing to do with the bill we need passing to help keep this country and it's workers, afloat.

Really, Nancy, really? Is this really the time for 35 million for the John F. Kennedy Center for performing arts, 1 billion, with a "B" for Obama phones. Billions to bail out the post office. 300 million to fund violence against women prevention and prosecution programs. 100 million for sexual assault victims. 453 million for the operation of Indian programs. 69 million for the operation of Indian education programs. 1 billion 32 million for Indian health services, 34 million for national forest system, 7 million for wildland fire management 10 million for migrant and seasonal farmworkers (pandering to illegals, of course). 2 million for the national domestic violence hotline...And 1 million for family violence prevention. (maybe that's needed since families have to be together 24/7, kidding) 500 million for the institute of museum and library services. 25 million for capital construction and operations. 300 million for migration and refugee assistance.
25 billion for transit infrastructure grants
350 million for Native American programs
250 million for Native American housing block grants
100 million for Indian community development block grants
130 million for housing opportunities for persons with aids
15 billion for community development
5 billion for homeless assistance grants
7 million for fair housing activities, and, all these were only on the 1st 200 pages of the 1400 pages of Nancy's wish list.

Hey, Nancy. Is this really the time to hold back money from helping hard-working Americans so you can pander to your special interest groups that are sitting there like baby birds in a nest chirping for their mother to bring them the goods? Really?

Yes, people, the dems can't wait to spread our tax dollars everywhere except to the people that are anxiously waiting for help that has to be on its way for their survival? Think about how much more all the people that really need help, could receive, instead of her disgusting list of unnecessary spending in this moment of need?

Thank God we have President Trump leading the way. Thank God the left is being exposed for the low life vermin they are. Thank God, millions of "Democrats" are seeing, 1st hand how their party is screwing them over by stalling the bill that is to give them relief. Thank God, millions of democrats are seeing the light and coming to the "Right" side. And, Thank god for you! And, oh ya, you can always count on the
Democrats showing their true colors, and, They are not red, white and blue!

P.S. Nancy's at it again. She just announced the bill, passed by the Senate, won't go in front of the house until maybe tomorrow. Why would she care? She's got millions. Showing who you really are nancy! Way to go Nancy. Way to go!