Veto This Ignorance

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Peloseis stupidity has again shined thru, as bad as Americans need help, Veto this ignorance. The government does not need or even work for a raise. “You never let a good crisis go to waste.”

Instead of focusing on cash payments roughly about $3,000 per family, adding to unemployment benefits for workers as half the business owners in America have been forced to close the doors, Instead of helping Americans in a crisis like America has never experienced, Democrats asked for BULLSHIT like Obama phones, same-day voter registration and demanded airlines cut emissions.
Peloesis list BULLSHIT political WANTS that Democrats tried to slip into the CV19 funding bill is as absurd and an insult to every American, including those who voted for her.

Here's the easy-to-read list That Outlines Just How Much Peloesi And The Doghouse Demosocialist Rats Care About Any American:

1. Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance

2. Bailing out all current debt of postal service

3. Required early voting

4. Required same-day voter registration

5. 10k bailout for student loans

6. For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers

7. Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

8. The full offset of airline emissions by 2025

9. Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

10. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

11. $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance

12. Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance

13. $35,000,000 for the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

14. Mandating federal agencies use banks owned by minorities

15. $300,000,000 for “Migration and Refugee Assistance”

16. $602,000,000 for the Internal Revenue Service (?!)

17. Creating a “Coronavirus Accountability and Transparency Committee”

18. $33,200,000 for new facilities for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

19. $36,000,000 for the National Center for Advancing Translational Services

20. $7,000,000 for Gallaudet University

21. $23,000,000 for Howard University

22. $500,000,000 for the Institute of Museum and Library Services

23. $25,000,000 for the House of Representatives, raises

24. $600,000,000 for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Humanities