Something Is NOT Right by Gary Pecorella

I have heard conspiracies SO far-fetched to be mind-shattering if they were but just HALF true! I have seen horrifying videos emerge from China. I have listened to the media’s constant HYPE & DOOMSDAY reporting.

I have watched Congressmen, Congresswomen, governors mayors continually attack our President over the clear leadership he has demonstrated in handling the Coronavirus pandemic, and I have seen them making false accusations while they themselves refuse to take responsibility for ANYTHING.

I have read the daily barrage of news about the deadly Coronavirus, about how many people died today, yesterday, in the last hour, in such such a city, projections about how many will get sick die tomorrow, next week, next month, ad infinitum.

There is NO doubt that this virus is REAL very dangerous. But it is our reaction our government’s reaction to it that scares me MORE than the virus!

NEVER before has our country been focussed completely on ONE CRISIS. The media coverage is 100%. YET in contrast, if we focus instead on the death toll from heart disease, cancer, diabetes, the seasonal flu and abortions, the DAILY numbers would exceed the Coronavirus death toll by TENS OF THOUSANDS!!



Something is not right when we aren’t allowed, and can even be prosecuted for congregating at Church to PRAY... at a time when more than ever we could sure use some divine guidance.

Something is not right when companies are being forced to lay off MILLIONS of workers as businesses are systematically SHUT DOWN by local governments... a continuation of which will cause a world depression having effects more devastating beyond anything we have ever witnessed; a depression that would lead to complete financial ruin, famine, more disease, more death, anarchy chaos.

Where in ALL THAT then is the LOGIC to enforce a quarantine, one that would knowingly RISK an outcome nothing less than our TOTAL demise??

Something is not right when our children are forced to stay at home for MONTHS because schools are told to STAY CLOSED. Our youth already has a problem with a lack of social skills in today’s ‘digital age’. What will be their mental state of mind with enforced seclusion? What about OUR mental health as a society?

Something is not right when THE CURE IS SO MUCH WORSE THAN THE PROBLEM!


Something is WRONG that YOU I don’t know about. What would cause our thriving nation world to SPIRAL into oblivion OVERNIGHT? What would cause so-called authorities to OVERREACT in such a way?

Is the timing of this virus at all suspicious in your mind?? Is the fact that much greater health crises existed under prior presidents YET were NEVER addressed... BUT now we are supposed to believe that the world is suddenly going to end because THIS CRISIS just happened to occur during Trump’s presidency?

How could a virus, so potentially dangerous as COVID-19, come from ‘nature’? From bat to snake to man somehow... if you can believe that story? OR was it instead manufactured, BY MAN, in a laboratory?

Is it a DEEP STATE plot? Was it actually developed by Bill Gates, or by George Soros? Was it intentionally stored in China because it was well known that under ‘loose’ Chinese control, the chances of an accidental release would be higher there? Or worse yet, was it INTENTIONALLY released? Is this a PLOT by CDC, WHO Big Pharma to benefit financially from our demise? OR is this the NWO’s doing? Or the Rothschilds? Or is it the Bilderberg elites who are behind this? And for those who subscribe to ‘Q’, could such a movement really exist? One that would RESET the world as we know it... or could that just be the wish of those biding their time, waiting for someone else to ride up to save them?

I don’t know what the answers are. But I believe that something is not right and that we all need to be asking the important questions as we hope for the best while preparing for the worst.

Something is going down its bigger than the virus. We are already no longer free if we are confined to our homes if we cannot work if we cannot send our children to school if we cannot worship if we cannot congregate for ANY reason period.

I do not accept what we are being told, and I ask you, I beg you, to be aware too, to question everything, to use logic, NOT fear, to guide your thinking your decisions going forward. I am, you are, we are ALL in this together!

I am a proud patriotic American of the baby boomer generation. I will NOT give up on the Country I grew up in and cherish. I believe with all my heart that we will see our way through this crisis. And I trust Donald Trump, whom I am thankful to have at the helm steering us through stormy seas. To quote Charles Dickens, “God bless us, everyone!” ???✝️?

-by Gary Pecorella

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