Thousand Upon Thousands of Children Are Being Pulled From the Underground Bunkers.

The pedophiles, the Satanic Elite, @POTUS is saving children from the bunkers. 500,000 children go missing in one year. The deep state is sick and twisted. this is about to be Main Stream, but the Media is quiet on this. The media is talking about other things, but not nip in the bud.

Team Trump

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Rachel71 5 months ago

It is great that this is coming out, but my concern is that I heard many reports of things coming out and nothing does. You posted this over a month ago. What are your sources for when this will.come to the light?

CleanEnergyDisruption 5 months ago

Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past - The New York Times

Fear Merchants 6-Minute Preview

And now we have #PedoGate2020 and nobody dare watch it.... some hardcore fear & cognitive dissonance programming has completely immobilized most peoples ability to think for themselves anymore...

Team Trump 5 months ago

This article hit home, because in the middle 60's my sister was on the ship Hope, until she passed. My father was US Coast Guard.

Doug Shortt 5 months ago

Alberta should separate but build your armed forces first.

Lucille Mattair 5 months ago

Thank you for this information! It has confirmed so much. But my heart is broken for the children.

ShondaIHackler 5 months ago

I feel helpless sitting at home while this is going on. Please let me know where I can help I have great mom skills.

ryushinmalone 5 months ago