Governors Using Coronavirus Deaths to Restrict Constitutional Rights

Trump is not likely to send in federal troops to save a few Demokkkommie governors from getting strung up in front of their mansions. More likely, he’d send a few extra shipments of piano wire.

By Therese Inacker

Just as in the push for the more gun control laws, fear and emotion are used to overtake logic and Constitutional rights.  

Liberal Democrat gun-grabbing governors around the country are dancing in the blood of those who have died from COVID-19. Even as facts arise showing that keeping the economy shut down isn’t the best course of action everywhere, Governors in states like New Jersey, New York, and Virginia are using it as an opportunity to double down on their restrictive policies with reckless disregard for the economic fallout.

The blood-dancing politicians follow three common strategies used in both the gun-grabbing scenario as well as the COVID-19 situation:  

1) Exaggeration or misreporting of relied upon facts

2) Collective punishment against even those not involved or affected

3) The exploitation of deaths, claiming restrictions are done in the name of your safety

Sketchy facts, perhaps even downright fictions, overreaching Governors, and collective punishment are the recipe ingredients for draconian, and unconstitutional violations of liberty that cannot stand. These are familiar and predictable actions, employed over and over again by those who seek to punish the law-abiding when a criminal or maniac commits a high profile murder.  

The models for the coronavirus originally utilized by the CDC and NIH have been updated with new, current information and now show drastically reduced estimates of both infections and deaths.     

The federal government, though, has ordered the attribution of deaths to COVID-19 even when it hasn’t necessarily been supported by a positive test result. If the facts don’t fit the situation, then make the situation fit the “facts.”   

Despite the faulty models, the gun-grabbing Governors are continuing to assert their unconstitutional and draconian powers as though the original models still apply. For instance, Sunday New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy ordered a drive-through tulip farm to close, even though no personal contact occurs during the process.

There is no nexus between a drive-through tulip farm and an outbreak of exposure to COVID-19, yet Governor Murphy continues to assert these patently absurd shut-down orders against the people.

Why punish a farmer who is not infected and not infecting others? Who thought it was a good idea to lock down the entire population, rather than limiting those actions to genuine hot spots and quarantining those who are infected?

After the tragic mass murder in Newtown, Connecticut, liberals clamored for more gun control, punishing the law-abiding when they did nothing wrong. Yet still, the issue of mental issues go largely ignored.  

Liberal gun-grabbing Governors push for so-called universal background checks, magazine limits like New Jersey’s ten-round limit, and other infringements. Yet evidence has shown that universal background checks do not work and more concealed carry permits mean less crime. 

Universal background checks would not have stopped the Newtown shooting. And magazine capacity limits would not have reduced the number of deaths in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas case because the mass murderer used only 10-round magazines.

The Chinese coronavirus is killing people, but the gun-grabbing Governors are dancing in the blood of those who have died, using those deaths and the fear they engender to achieve their own personal and political objectives. This is not only a violation of the individual civil liberties of those locked down at home, but it is also morally reprehensible.  

A pattern is being established. As Second Amendment right is restricted, so are your rights to peaceably assemble, attend religious services, or go to parks and beaches that belong to The People.  

How long will this be tolerated, and how will it go unchallenged?


Theresa Inacker, an attorney and Second Amendment advocate, is a member of the US Supreme Court bar, the New Jersey Delegate to The DC Project, and serves as the Communications Director for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners.



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Laurie Layne 5 months ago

Wow Sounds like Washington state can't go fishing of all things Our Governor just let out 11,000 criminals out of prison because get this of Covad 19.doen't think Gun stores or private construction are essential. I am glad someone is paying attention here! Even local Sheriffs are ignoring stay at home as no plan for reopening I belive by design.