Iran sinks its own warship in friendly fire, killing 19

Iran sinks Konark, its own warship, in friendly fire during naval exercises killing 19 crewmen & injuring 15. Tragedy again exposes Iran's serious capacity issues in training and its old creaky military hardware. In January, Iranian Air Defence, in fear of US reprisals, shot down

An Iranian warship was hit by a friendly fire missile during naval exercises, killing 19 sailors, state media and the army said Monday, amid tensions with the US in Gulf waters.

The incident involving the Konarak vessel occurred on Sunday afternoon near Bandar-e Jack, off the southern coast of the Islamic republic, state television said on its website – and exposes Iran’s capacity issues in terms of professional training and its rickety hardware. In January, Iranian air defense had shot down a civilian Boeing 737 in confusion after Iranian strikes on US bases inside Iraq.

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