State Police Officers Nationwide

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Although I support the men in Blue, my father was one, but they did take an oath to serve and protect. When does it cross the line when you are given a direct order, to be non-observant, and break your oath? Please don't turn on your fellow American citizens who demand their civil


Your duty is to uphold the constitution of this great country not the bidding of an out of control liberal fascist governor or mayor making up his or her own unconstitutional orders (they are not laws) illegally.

Do what is right and do not turn on your fellow citizens of this country. I know you guys are in a tough place but you must decide what side you are on to uphold your duty to the constitution or to a out of control fascist tyrant who is violating American citizens civil rights. What these governors are demanding that you do is an unlawful order and you can rightly refuse to comply. Please don't allow yourselves to be used in this way.

The only way to control an out of control fascist tyrant who is making up his own laws and not abiding to the laws of this country or the constitution is to take away his power. You guys are his power don't be used like this. Just remember when push comes to shove these out of control governors are the ones that turn their backs on law enforcement and feed you guys to the wolves when it suits them. Remember that.

You guys owe these out of control fascist governors nothing. They flat out are not loyal to you when you need them to be and they never have your backs. We the people, the American citizens stand by your side and have your back when these very politicians turn on you and gladly feed you to the angry mobs when things go wrong. Please don't turn on us. State police offices uphold your duty to the constitution. Don't turn on your fellow american citizens who demand their civil rights back.

Linda Lang

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