Nancy Pelosi is Nuts! It's as simple as that. That's my diagnosis. It's short and sweet and to the point!

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There is no other explanation to the over 1800 pages of garbage she has the nerve to dub "The heroes act". Oh, that little smarty pants, Nancy Antoinette. Just look at the name of this bill and the names they dare to give their pet projects. That way, if you dare vote against i

This is supposed to be an emergency bill. What in this list is an emergency. Zero!

There is no other explanation to the over 1800 pages of garbage she has the nerve to dub "The heroes act". Oh, that little smarty pants, Nancy Antoinette.
Just look at the name of this bill and the names they dare to give their pet projects. That way, if you dare vote against it, you are labeled as you hating Americans in need, and, don't want to be a hero. Oh, Nancy, you are such a cunning, evil, corrupt democrat.

So, let's just take a little dive into this pork filled bailout that she wants us to pay for. Nothing to do with corona virus. But, had a lot to bail out the most stupid ill run government agencies because of their complete mismanagement of their "Leaders" for decades.

First of all, it's a whopping 13 trillion dollars. Make it easier for government employees to get their student loans forgiven. Yup, the dems voting base.

USDA/rural development. 145.5 million. What's that got to do with corona virus?

100 million to provide the cost of providing broadband service in rural areas. What's that got to do with corona virus?

100 million for food distribution on Indian reservations. What about food distribution to every one? 2 million for justice information sharing technology. What's that got to do with corona virus?

Oh, you're gonna just love this one! 75 million for the national endowment for the arts. (Hollywood?) In an effort to help to provide access to cultural organizations. Oh,God forbid you get the corona virus. But if you do, the first thing on your list would be to go to an art gallery. Right? To go right along with this monstrosity, comes an additional 75 million to provide continued access to cultural organizations! Well, at least she gave those 2 big pieces of port the same amount each. No discrimination there.

25 million to provide audio and video equipment to various groups. Now, here's the "Tons of pork" the dems are wishing for, all under the corona virus tent. Mind you. None of these are strictly for corona virus, the those sneaky, slimy dems thought that we would fall for it, if they just put the word "Corona virus" in their explanations.

Department of justice gets 1 billion. Which includes, 3 million for U.S. Attorneys for telework capabilities. (Have their lawyers in place, because they are going to need them.

Bureau of prisons: 100 million for equipment and supplies so prisoners can have clean environments and corona virus supplies. What? You can buy a sh_tload of lysol for 100 million.

NASA 60 million for delays of missions. Nuclear regulatory commission 3.3 million to support remote access. I.R.S. 250 billion, yes I said billion for the extended filing season. What? How about just having the IRS workers go home, and refund that 250 billion to american workers instead?

Election security grants gets 400 million. What the heck is that? Election fraud security to make sure they can cheat?

275 billion to deep clean federal buildings. What? 275 billion. I wonder who gets that contract? And, 158.4 million to clean public areas. I'd do it for 1/2 of that. How about you??

Bureau of Indian affairs and Indian education, 453 million + 69 million for tribal colleges and institute of the Indian arts. (What about their casino incomes and sovereign nations that dont pay taxes)

70.8 million for U.S. Forest service. Get this. Cleaning the forest bathrooms. What, you fools closed all the parks so why do you have to clean the restrooms?

To the C.D.C. Who has been horrible through this. But, guess what? They get 4.3 billion. 1 billion to community services grant. Wow, that's not a black hole, is it? 30.9 billion for the department of education. That is now online.

13 million to Howard university, 7 million to Gallaudet university. 7 million to cover forest fire management? Again with the Indians. 1.032 billions to address critical response needs in Indian country. Smithsonian institution 7.5 million, Again with the Kennedy center, another 25 million. 8.1 million to the national archives. 430 million to PBS, museum and library service, 5 million to railroad retirement board, 300 million to social security.

Oh! Here's another black hole - all of this for the D.C. Vermin. U.S.Senate - 10 million for misc items. We can't forget the house, 25 million. Did you notice the dems gave their house 25 million and the republican led senate 10 million? Capital police 12 million. Architect of the capital 25 million. Library of congress 0.8 million. Government accountability office (that name is a joke by itself) 20 million. Department of state diplomatic programs 324 million. United states agency for international development 353 million. Peace corp 88 million. Department of transportation 31.1 billion. Department of housing and urban development (HUD) 17.4 billion (which includes 300 million for native american programs) and 65 million for housing for people with aids.

They are putting horrific restrictions on airlines. For God's sake they are close to bankruptcy and now they want know "Green" restrictions put on them! How stupid can these people be?

And, here's the cherry on the sundae. 1200 each for illegals in the form a stimulus check! You know the ones. The checks we are having a hard time to get.But, Nancy Dementia-losi again puts illegals ahead of citizens. And, stating excluding illegals is "Callous"! What? You have to be kidding me! Can you say "Voting base"?

Here are some totals:
Agriculture, rural development, food and drug administration, and related agencies [$34.9 billion] Commerce, justice, science, and related agencies [$3.1 billion] Defense [$10.5 billion] Energy and water development [$221.4 million] Financial services and general government [$1.82 billion] Homeland security [$45.9 billion] Interior, environment, and related agencies [$2.0 billion] Labor, health and human services, education, and related agencies [$172.1 billion] Legislative branch [$93 million] Military construction, veterans affairs, and related agencies [$19.6 billion] State, foreign operations, and related programs [$1.1 billion] Transportation, housing and urban development, and related agencies [$48.5 billion]

Ok, there you have it.13 trillion all labeled "Corona virus relief". How do these fools come up with these out of control figures. Can you imagine the likes of A.O.C and Omar along with Nancy, Trying to calculate how much a billion dollars is. And where it should go! This is complete bull_hit. Total and complete! America needs help, now! How dare the dems hold it up for their ignorant wish list. That they know will never pass!

So, knowing this would never pass, they are now touting that republicans don't care about America because they won't vote for the hero's act.

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Rocky 15 days ago

I think she’s nuts and I think she’s a bigger crook than anybody. They’re always going after Trump. How about going after her?