Fear Sells as Long as You Buy It, Contradictions and Distractions

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So in New York you can now go to a few designated beaches , with a mask but you can’t play football or volleyball. Horse racing is now open, but we still can’t get our haircut. Any employee of any business is now qualified to take your temperature and decide if you’re well enough

The logic of this re-opening has me very puzzled and quite honestly pretty concerned. I just do not understand how this is not really strange and terrifying to most people. Apparently progressive agenda allows full control of government over you and your mind so check your brain at the door please. Come on free thinkers, read, research and make decisions. People have asked me about my “blind” faith in Jesus Christ. I choose to believe in Jesus Christ, I choose to go to church (which I cannot do right now) I hoose to read my Bible and to believe that God is the creator of not only this universe but also if my personal being and has great purpose for me. I choose to serve God.

It is My own personal decision, it is my desire, it is my own will to do so. It is not blind, it is a choice. I can walk away, I can leave, I can change my mind at any point in this walk with Jesus Christ. I think the real free thinkers are people who make these kinds of choices and do not succumb to the authority over them demanding in every aspect of our lives how we live and what we do and when we do it and how we say it. This is very scary blind living. How can you be so afraid of dying that you were willing to give up living for it? At this particular time in this crazy world I’m so glad for my faith in Jesus Christ, I walk confidently. I walk secure. I walk with hope. I’m not scared that the world is changing, because I know that God is here. I know that as he taken care of me yesterday and 10 years ago and for every day on this earth. He will take care of me in the future. I’m OK and I want to live this life that God gave me to the absolute fullest.

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