Healthy People Have Never Been Quarantined Until Now!

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The virus is real, but so is our country. Which includes all the people who are not sick, *330,676,053 million of them (*see below), who also have the same right to live. Just as much as those choosing to stay at home!

If we continue to cower in fear over the propaganda false statistics being spewed by the media, CDC, Fauci and the governors of democratic states, we will in the end all die. Emotionally, spiritually, financially and eventually from famine, suicide and global collapse!

Those people who are medically at risk have it in their best interest to stay at home in quarantine. That makes sense!

As for the rest of us, don’t tell us what we can and what we cannot do!

*as of today 5/17/2020. 90,124 people have died out of 330,764,077 total USA population. That equates to .00027 of one percent death rate! Do the math!

**and the 90,124 reported deaths will be further decreased substantially when you subtract all those who died ‘with’ corona virus. From those who actually died ‘from’ corona virus. Big difference!

All of the above real time statistics can be verified at:

-by Gary Pecorella

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