Hillary is on "TRIAL" this week for Benghazi

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Did anyone realize Hillary is on "TRIAL" this week for Benghazi or does the media have you blinded by riots?

Guess what you missed this week while the media filled the TV with Riot and Virus coverage:

Tuesday, 6/2/2020, Hillary Clinton was in court and lost her case about the missing emails and will have to testify in September. (Never forget Benghazi and the Iranian nuclear deal.)

Wednesday, 6/3/2020, Rob Rosenstein had to testify; and his admission exposed the heinous plot against Trump.
(A great example of the “Deep State.”)

Yesterday, 6/4/2020, the Senate voted to subpoena Obama officials in the Obamagate case. (No one should be above the law.)

Didn’t see any of this did you?

Were you distracted?

Additionally, this is the summer before a presidential election cycle. Do you know when the last time protests and riots broke out in the streets of America under the guise of racial equality? The summer before the LAST presidential election cycle. (I wholly support the peaceful protests for the unjustifiable death of George Floyd and others like Trayvon Martin, the list goes on.)

Factions have orchestrated a take over of the movement for their own political gain. The rioters and looters do not represent the heart of the movement for racial equality.

There is NOT this much hate and division in America. We are all being played and manipulated by the MSM and Political Deep State.