Douglas Ducote Tramples Internet Trolls And Comes Out On Top! Then Rallies American Patriots Forward

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Loud & Clear Message, Douglas!!! Thanks for your continued efforts to persuade the unpersuadable! We must prepare for the close order combat about to kick-off! everything is upside down inside out. I'm sure there are 1000s of patriots, right now making plans and preparations

The Douglas Ducote Show surges with national pride and is sweeping Youtube after the recent DNC promoted terrorist attacks on American Cities and towns, Douglas Ducote understands that Hard times for the first amendment are coming at a very difficult time for the country.

One of the most visible examples of this retired war veterans resolve highlights it's self in ongoing attacks by Trumpster Bob, Doug Ducote Clown, and the unread bat. The sheer volume of attacks alone is part of the Leftist strategy, in an effort to overwhelm common sense, truth, and facts.

I wanted to find out what makes these gutless leftwing trolls tic. So I went undercover and infiltrated their space and even went on a few raids with them to gain trust  But I only came up Empty-handed after picking their empty heads I can only tell you these Free speech hijackers are cowards without shame.

Douglas Ducote, however, remains unwavering and rallies Americans to the fact that There’s nothing that the American people cannot accomplish when we stand together — The Ducote show continues to attract patriots united in purpose,

We need these real leaders as The context of daily life in America is different than anything anyone has ever experienced since probably 1932, The question that the American people are being posed as the world spirals further in 2020 is Who's word do you trust to help guide you as we enter this new phase of this nation’s history?

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