Larry Wayne Lindsey Last Words For The President

A dedicated Marine kept his oath with his last words. He wanted to have Potus and VP Pence to know that he loved and supported them in office. He did a farewell video to them and he wanted it to be shared to Potus. I am honoring his request.

His name was Larry Wayne Lindsey. He died December 17th 2016. It was his birthday.

He was involved in State Politics in the state of Colorado. He was very vocal about President Trump and his re-election.

Larry Wayne Lindsey had cancer. He enterered the hospital for radiation for cancerous lesion on his spine. Also was asymptomatic of his lung cancer - He reaction to a nurse's strong perfume caused an asthma emergency death. 

The Marines, as all military branches, serve with pride and willing to sacrifice for our freedom. Marines are a special brotherhood. They are the true meaning of an American. Life, Liberty, and Freedom of all Americans.

Now listen to his last words.

Team Trump

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