Fact check: The China weapons smuggling ring has now expanded into Louisville

US authorities uncover massive, nationwide weapons trafficking ring run by communist China to arm Black Lives Matter terrorists with powerful weapons of war

 The China weapons smuggling ring has now expanded into Louisville, Kentucky as well as Detroit, both hubs of Black Lives Matter terrorist recruitment, as well as the NFAC black militant groups who are already marching in formation, wielding weapons and threatening White occupants of vehicles.

It’s no exaggeration to state that McDonald’s, Netflix, Google, Nike, Apple, and other well-known brands are now openly supporting left-wing terrorist operations in America. And they offer no apologies for doing so. This is the new America, where the tech giants, the media, and the corporations are all-in with left-wing terrorists who openly call for killing police, executing Whites, and overthrowing the government.

10,800 Assault Weapons Parts Seized by CBP in Louisville

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers recently intercepted and seized a shipment of disguised weapons parts that originated in communist China and was destined for Melbourne, Florida.

The seizure, which occurred on May 22, blew the lid on a communist Chinese plot to arm Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) terrorists with firearms as part of an overthrow operation aimed at collapsing the United States.


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Marcus Dull 3 months ago

Now hold China accountable!!!

Wickedsoul 3 months ago

So sad