The Dem-Panic Is A Plan-Demic.

Of the more than 186,000 deaths so far reported, only 9,200 were 100% attributed to the virus. All of the remaining deaths had other underlying factors, meaning they were already predestined to a serious disease or end-of-life illnesses. This proves the common flu is deadlier, and we have

Gary Pecorella: Yes, this is true. Of the more than 186,000 deaths so far reported, only 9,200 were 100% attributed to the virus. All of the remaining deaths had other underlying factors, meaning they were already predestined to a serious disease or end-of-life illnesses. This proves the common flu is deadlier, and we have all but gone and destroyed the world as we know it because of a damn lie.

A complete scam. Nothing will ever be the same again; ridiculous restrictions in place, schools, businesses places of worship closed, 25% of Americans are jobless, depressions, murders, and suicides are on the increase, people are afraid of everyone they meet, shaming of the ‘non-conforming’ people who have the intelligence to understand that this is all a con job. And, worst of all, faceless zombies who have lost all integrity and value as individual human beings, their very identities unrecognizable, nameless, are walking the streets, shopping centers, and supermarkets, one-way in single file, 6 feet apart, donning useless mandated masks.

My heart is broken for what the CDC, WHO, Democrat Governors, and mayors have done to our beloved America!

Donnie Dickerson: The "Virus" so they say escaped from a level 4 containment bio lab (I'll entertain that thought a second. However, I don't believe it escaped accidentally) but anyway with that thought in mind it escaped this superlab and yet people are wearing homemade "Face coverings" with little flower and kitty cat prints on them and that is supposed to keep you from getting it. I call bullcrap. The pandemic plandemic was a democrat dempanic.

They purposely created this to try and destroy Trump, our economy, without one thought or care for the American people. They purposely used this George Floyd hoax to cause this racial division. Racially motivated riots when Floyd was not killed by Chauvin and the others, if Floyd is even dead, and I have my doubts about that. He overdosed on fentanyl, that's been proven by autopsy. Floyd's brain showed no signs of oxygen restrictions.

But it was perfect timing. Think back to that. Within a week of the Floyd incident, there were two mass shooting attempts, one at a military base the other in southern California. Both were stopped immediately.

They have purposely orchestrated everything to push this mail-in ballots crap. They have one goal November 3, 2020. Americans have got to show up in a big way to shut them down. Trump saved us in 2016. The sorry ass republicans in the house and senate failed us. They refused to help him when we had a supermajority. For the first two years of trump's first term, we had the senate and house, both. We could have fixed immigration and healthcare. Put in place a mandatory voter id law nationwide. Build a wall to secure our borders without all the fighting. With their support, we could have passed infrastructure legislation that would have fixed roads, bridges, and railways. Trump's fought tooth and nail for everything he alone has accomplished, and everything good he's done the republicans smiles and grins on the interview and brags about what "They" did when it was all Donald J. Trump working for Americans. Trump bought us 4 years to prepare. We desperately need another 4 with Trump as our President. I cannot fathom the thought of anyone being stupid enough to vote for "Pride quo pedo Joe Biden". The elephant in the room that everyone overlooks is Joe is named in the criminal investigation in Ukraine facts, but the media keeps that hush. If it were Trump, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the maggots who follow her would be working on another impeachment coup, that's a fact. These mask is just setting up Americans to the idea of face coverings.

2021 under a Biden administration would be remembered as the "Year of the burka". I do believe Barack Obama will be named head of the UN as well. I believe they'll use Floyd one more time to re-ignite the riots and violence, arson, vandalism, across America right before the election. All designed to fearmonger Americans. If we have to run armed shuttles to the polls, we gotta get everyone to the ballot box. It's all about the election. They can't beat trump fair and square. But, they can cheat him and that's the plan it's been the plan all along. It irritates me off to no end that a political agenda schemed by the democrats and their GOP rhino friends that they know destroyed thousands of jobs, destroyed families, livelihoods, American dreams, and these slimy swamp satan spawns don't care. And, they'll all get away with it. I get so infuriated thinking about it and there's no help from anyone into the senate. We cannot let it happen. Trump has got to have four more years. We're again 61 days away from election day. The biggest election we'll be faced with in years to come. I believe the second biggest in our country's history the first being in 2016. They tried to cheat Hilldabeast Clinton in, China and Ukraine had that rigged they thought. Russians undid whatever scheme the DNC and Hillary had set up to give her the win. I've never imagined that people who call themselves Americans would and could willfully conspire with communists to destroy America. But as we're seeing they are. This marxism anarchy and insurrection all have taken root now. This won't end well no matter who wins the election. It will only get worse. It will continue to spread. It's organized and being directed. The violence has become more intense in the last week or so. My advice is if you haven't already prepared for things your way behind. Get it done. Stay safe patriots. Pray for our country and president trump.
This whole virus was a hoax.


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