Joe Biden, Don’t Think We’ve Forgotten About Your Ukraine Scandal

Yeah Dems, screw Bernie out of the nomination and insert Biden. It will destroy the Rat party and Biden will be dog meat on the debate stage with Trump. Perfect scenario.

Joe Biden seems to think if he acts like he forgot the Ukraine scandal that We the People will, too. It doesn’t work like that, although to someone with senile dementia it might seem that way.

The Democrats’ attempt to impeach President Trump was nothing more than a cover-up job that was meant to bury Biden’s Ukraine dirt while smearing the President. Once news of Hunter Biden’s shady dealings in Ukraine came to light, Joe Biden did exactly what he has repeatedly accused President Trump of doing, and that’s attack journalists by threatening them if they publish “disinformation.”

In the eyes of the Democrats, disinformation is any intel that doesn’t tow the party line. When President Trump calls out the fake news outlets they double-down on it. When Joe Biden called them out for the same thing, they did his bidding and all traces of the Ukraine scandal disappeared from the lamestream media.

In another stunning act of hypocrisy, Biden withheld money from Ukraine if they didn’t do the Democrats’ bidding but then accused President Trump of withholding money from the same country for doing the same thing. Biden’s corruption is obvious, but blue voters are too busy being social justice warriors online to notice.

Under President Trump’s watch, Republican Senator and Chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee Ron Johnson is making progress with his investigation into the corruption of the Obama Administration, of which Joe Biden was a huge part. Let’s hope he hits paydirt before November 3rd.


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