Democrats Are The Party Of Hate By Gary Pecorella

This election should be every citizens top priority. This election will either end in Freedom or Tyranny, it is that important. The left is making so many distractions for their end game. Rioting, looting, arson, murder, pandemic, and social control all in the end game of One World Order.

Democrats are the party of HATE, Racism, BLM, Antifa the destruction of our history national monuments. All they know how to do is DESTROY. All of the destruction, rioting looting we see happening is being encouraged AND allowed by Democrat mayors governors. ANTIFA BLM are hired domestic terrorists owned funded by the Democrat Party. Democrats believe in big government, high taxes, taking away your first second amendment rights, using people of color for their votes, taking GOD out of our schools, and creating ridiculous infringements on our personal freedoms such as the unlawful LOCKDOWNS of 2020. EVERYTHING Democrats accuse Trump his supporters of, they are GUILTY of themselves. When have you ever seen a Trump supporter burn a US flag? WE, Trump supporters are SICK AND TIRED of being called racists because we love our country, our flag, our God our freedoms. WE ARE FED UP.

Democrats encourage support open borders, illegal aliens over American citizens, the funding aborting of babies. Democrats are brainwashed by the fake media, have NOTHING positive to offer, and are determined to destroy our country to remove a sitting president who WE the People duly elected.

We can not allow our country to be overrun by mob rule anarchy and that is why I will be voting to re-elect President Trump on Nov 3. God Bless America.




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